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A Look at The Titanic Second Class Survivors

Written By Denis Cummings
Last updated: April 19, 2024

As a fervent admirer of history with a penchant for uncovering forgotten tales, the stories of resilience and survival especially captivate me. Among such narratives, the epic tale of the Titanic stands out not just for its unfortunate demise but for the human spirits that persevered.

In this article, I’m thrilled to shine a light on those extraordinary individuals – the Titanic second class passengers who managed to survive this monumental tragedy.

Key Points:
Approximately 42% of the passengers traveling in second class on the Titanic survived the disaster.
Out of an estimated 284 second-class passengers, around 111 people survived.

List Of The Titanic Second Class Passengers Who Survived

Who among the Second Class passengers cheated fate aboard the doomed Titanic? Unveil the survivors’ list and see if any familiar faces emerge from the past.

Titanic Second Class Passengers Who Survived

Titanic Second Class Survivors (Aged Between 7 months To 18 Years)

Meet the children of the Titanic’s second class who survived.

Miss Barbara Joyce West10 MonthsSouthampton10
Master Sibley George Richards9 MonthsSouthampton4
Master Viljo Unto Johannes Hämäläinen7 MonthsSouthampton4
Master Alden Gates Caldwell10 MonthsSouthampton13
Miss Ruth Elizabeth Becker12Southampton13
Miss Marion Louise Becker4Southampton11
Master Richard F. Becker1Southampton11
Miss Amelia Mary Brown18Southampton11
Miss Edith Eileen Brown15Southampton14
Miss Marjorie Lottie Collyer8Southampton14
Master John Morgan Jr Davies8Southampton14
Master Marshall Brines Drew8Southampton10
Miss Annie Jessie Harper6Southampton11
Miss Eva Miriam Hart7Southampton14
Miss Simonne Marie Anne Andrée Laroche3Cherbourg14
Miss Louise Laroche1Cherbourg14
Miss Bertha Lehmann17Cherbourg12
Master André Clement Mallet1Cherbourg10
Miss Violet Madeline Mellinger13Southampton14
Master Michel Marcel Navratil3SouthamptonD
Master Edmond Roger Navratil2SouthamptonD
Miss Winifred Vera Quick8Southampton11
Miss Phyllis May Quick2Southampton11
Master William Rowe Richards3Southampton4
Miss Lyyli Karoliina Silvén17Southampton16
Miss Robertha Josephine Watt12Southampton9
Miss Joan Wells4Southampton14
Master Ralph Lester Wells2Southampton14
Miss Constance Mirium West4Southampton10

Titanic Second Class Survivors (Aged Between 19-35)

More than just names on a list, these young survivors from second class had futures waiting on the other side. Discover who defied the odds.

Mrs. Hannah Abelson28Cherbourg10
Mr. Edward Beane32Southampton13
Mrs. Ethel Beane22Southampton13
Mrs. Nellie E. Becker35Southampton11
Mr. Lawrence Beesley34Southampton13
Miss Lillian W. Bentham19Southampton12
Miss Dagmar Jenny Ingeborg Bryhl20Southampton12
Mrs. Sylvia Mae Caldwell28Southampton13
Mr. Albert Francis Caldwell26Southampton13
Miss Clear Annie Cameron35Southampton14
Miss Rachel Juli Cohen Christy25Southampton12
Mrs. Ada Maria Clarke28Southampton14
Mr. Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett25Southampton9
Mrs. Charlotte Caroline Collyer31Southampton14
Mrs. Selena Cook22Southampton14
Miss Mary Ann Charlotte Davis28Southampton13
Mrs. Argene Del Carlo24Cherbourg11
Mrs. Maria Louisa Thorne Drew34Southampton10
Señora Florentina Durán I Moné30Cherbourg12
Señora Asuncion Durán I Moné27Cherbourg12
Mrs. Anna Hämäläinen23Southampton4
Miss Alice Herman23Southampton9
Miss Kate Herman23Southampton9
Miss Ellen Hocking20Southampton4
Mrs. Annie Margaret Hold29Southampton10
Mrs. Amy Frances Christy Jacobsohn24Southampton12
Mrs. Marie Marthe Jerwan23Cherbourg11
Mrs. Miriam Kantor24Southampton12
Mrs. Juliette Marie Louise Laroche22Cherbourg14
Miss Jessie Wills Leitch31Southampton11
Mrs. Antonine Marie Mallet24Cherbourg10
Mr. William John Mellors19SouthamptonA
Mrs. Elizabeth Nye29Southampton11
Mr. Percy Thomas Oxenham22Southampton13
Mr. Julian Padron Manent26Cherbourg9
Señor Emili Pallàs I Castelló29Cherbourg9
Miss Alice Frances Louisa Phillips21Southampton12
Miss Kate Florence Phillips19Southampton11
Mrs. Rosa Pinsky32Southampton9
Mr. Emilio Ilario Giuseppe Portaluppi30Cherbourg14
Mrs. Jane Quick33Southampton11
Señora Encarnación Reynalds28Southampton9
Mrs. Emily Richards24Southampton4
Miss Emily Rugg21Southampton12
Mrs. Imanita Parrish Shelley25Southampton12
Miss Maude Sincock20Southampton11
Miss Anna Sinkkonen29Southampton10
Miss Hilda Mary Slayter30Queenstown13
Mrs. Jessie Laird Trout27Southampton9
Miss Edwina Celia Troutt27Southampton16
Mrs. Florence Louise Ware31Southampton10
Mrs. Addie Dart Wells29Southampton14
Mrs. Ada Mary West33Southampton10
Mr. Charles Whilems31Southampton9
Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson35Southampton16
Mr. Charles Eugene Williams23Southampton14
Miss Marion Wright26Southampton9

List of The Titanic Second Class Survivors (Aged Between 36-60)

Who were the lucky 24 Second Class adults who cheated fate on the Titanic?

Mrs. Florence Agnes Angle36Southampton11
Mrs. Ada E. Balls36Southampton10
Mrs. Elizabeth Catherine Brown40Southampton14
Miss Kate Buss36Southampton9
Mrs. Alice Frances Christy45Southampton12
Mrs. Agnes Davies48Southampton14
Miss Ethel Garside39Southampton12
Mrs. Esther Ada Hart48Southampton14
Mrs. Jane Herman48Southampton9
Mrs. Mary Dunbar Hewlett56Southampton13
Mrs. Eliza Hocking54Southampton4
Mr. Masabumi Hosono41Southampton10
Miss Nora Agnes Keane46Queenstown10
Mrs. Fanny Maria Kelly45Southampton9
Mrs. Amelia Lemore46Southampton14
Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Mellinger41Southampton14
Mrs. Lutie Davis Parrish59Southampton12
Miss Lucy Ridsdale58Southampton13
Miss Marion Elsie Smith39Southampton9
Miss Ellen Mary Toomey48Southampton9
Miss Ellen “Nellie” Wallcroft36Southampton14
Mrs. Elizabeth Watt40Southampton9
Miss Susan Webber37Southampton12
Mrs. Mathilde Françoise Weisz37Southampton10

Titanic Second Class Survivors (Aged Greater than 60)

Only one lucky soul. Out of hundreds of second-class passengers, only one emerged from the disaster with a lifetime of stories to tell

Mr. George Harris62Southampton15

“Here are some additional facts about the Titanic that you might like to read:”


Did any 2nd class passengers survive the Titanic?

Yes, indeed! Some second-class passengers survived the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Their survival stories are as remarkable as they are heart-wrenching, highlighting both the luck and quick thinking that saved lives that fateful night.

How much was a 2nd class ticket on the Titanic?

The price for a second-class ticket on the Titanic varied but generally would cost around £13 (which is roughly equivalent to £1,500 today when adjusted for inflation). This ticket provided access to comfortable accommodations and amenities considered quite luxurious by the standards of the day.

Charles Eames

Denis Cummings is a history enthusiast and author, with a passion for uncovering the stories of the past. Through his writing, he seeks to share his love of history with others and provide a unique perspective on the events that have shaped our world.

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