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How Many Second Class Passengers Died on the Titanic?

Written By Denis Cummings
Last updated: April 19, 2024

Have you ever wondered about the fate of the second class passengers aboard the Titanic? As a history lover with a keen interest in the stories that shaped our past, I find myself drawn to uncovering these lesser-known tales.

This article will shed light on how many second class passengers died on the Titanic on that tragic night. Join me as we explore this part of history together, offering insights that are not only engaging but also serve as a tribute to those who were lost.

Key Points:
Total Second Class Passengers: Approximately 284
Died: Around 173
Percentage Loss: 58% of second class passengers died

List Of Second Class Passengers Who Died on the Titanic

Ever wondered who among the hundreds of second-class passengers on the Titanic never got to see their dreams of a new life in America unfold?

Second Class Passengers Died on the Titanic

How Many Second Class Teenagers Died on the Titanic

Discover the heartbreaking toll the disaster took on young lives, the number of second-class teenagers whose futures were cut short.

Mr Edgar Andrew17Southampton
Mr Percy Bailey15Southampton
Mr Percy Deacon18Southampton
Mr William Dibden18Southampton
Miss Elsie Doling18Southampton
Mr Arne Fahlstrøm18Southampton
Mr Joseph Fillbrook18Southampton
Miss Marta Hiltunen18Southampton
Miss Bertha Ilett17Southampton
Mr Thomas Mudd16Southampton
Mrs Adele Nasser14Cherbourg
Mr Clifford Parker17Southampton
Mr Reginald Rogers18Southampton
Mr George Sweet14Southampton

List of Second Class Young Adults Who Died on the Titanic

Just on the cusp of adulthood, their futures brimming with potential. Explore the heartbreaking number of second-class young adults who lost their lives on the Titanic.

Mr Samuel Abelson30Cherbourg
Mr Augustus Aldworth34Southampton
Mr Frank Andrew25Southampton
Mr William Angle32Southampton
Mr Charles Baimbrigge22Southampton
Mr Frederick Banfield28Southampton
Mr Henry Beauchamp28Southampton
Mr William Berriman23Southampton
Mr William Botsford25Southampton
Mr James Bracken29Southampton
Mr William Brailey24Southampton
Mr Roger Bricoux20Southampton
Mr José Brito32Southampton
Mr Kurt Bryhl25Southampton
Mr Reginald Butler25Southampton
Mr William Campbell21Belfast
Mr William Carbines19Southampton
Mrs Sara Chapman28Southampton
Mr Charles Clarke29Southampton
Mr John Clarke28Southampton
Mr Reginald Coleridge29Southampton
Mr Erik Collander27Southampton
Mr Harvey Collyer31Southampton
Mrs Irene Corbett30Southampton
Mrs Mary Corey30Southampton
Mr Henry Cotterill20Southampton
Mr Alfred Cunningham21Belfast
Mr Charles Davies19Southampton
Mr Sebastiano Del Carlo29Cherbourg
Mr Albert Denbuoy25Southampton
Mrs Ada Doling34Southampton
Mr George Eitemiller25Southampton
Mr Ingvar Enander21Southampton
Mr Joseph Fynney35Southampton
Mr Shadrach Gale33Southampton
Mr William Gaskell19Southampton
Mr Laurence Gavey26Southampton
Mr Ralph Giles24Southampton
Mr Edgar Giles21Southampton
Mr Frederick Giles20Southampton
Mr John Gill24Southampton
Mr William Gillespie31Southampton
Mr Hans Givard30Southampton
Mr Reginald Hale30Southampton
Mr Wallace Hartley33Southampton
Mr Lewis Hickman30Southampton
Mr Leonard Hickman24Southampton
Mr Stanley Hickman20Southampton
Mr Richard Hocking23Southampton
Mr Ambrose Hood Jr21Southampton
Mr John Hume21Southampton
Mr George Hunt33Southampton
Mr Clifford Jefferys24Southampton
Mr Ernest Jefferys22Southampton
Mr Stephen Jenkin32Southampton
Mr Sinai Kantor34Southampton
Mrs Claire Karnes28Southampton
Mr Daniel Keane35Queenstown
Mr Georges Krins23Southampton
Mr Johan Kvillner31Southampton
Father William Lahtinen35Southampton
Mrs Anna Lahtinen34Southampton
Mr John Lamb30Queenstown
Mr Joseph Laroche25Cherbourg
Mr Robert Leyson25Southampton
Mr Jean-Noël Malachard25Cherbourg
Mr Serafino Mangiavacchi30Cherbourg
Mr William Matthews23Southampton
Mr Arthur McCrae32Southampton
Mr James McCrie32Southampton
Mr August Meyer31Southampton
Father Juozas Montvila27Southampton
Mr Nicholas Nasser28Cherbourg
Mr Michel Navratil32Southampton
Mr Israel Nesson26Southampton
Mr Joseph Nicholls19Southampton
Mr Robert Norman27Southampton
Dr Alfred Pain23Southampton
Mr Francis Parkes21Belfast
Mr Frederick Pengelly19Southampton
Mr Martin Ponesell24Southampton
Mr Franz Pulbaum27Cherbourg
Mr Peter Renouf33Southampton
Mrs Lillian Renouf30Southampton
Mr Emile Richard23Cherbourg
Mr Augustus Schmidt21Southampton
Mr Charles Sedgwick28Southampton
Mr Percival Sharp27Southampton
Mr Richard Slemen35Southampton
Mr Samuel Sobey25Southampton
Mr Philip Stokes25Southampton
Mr George Swane19Southampton
Mr Percy Taylor32Southampton
Mr Moses Troupiansky23Southampton
Mr William Turpin29Southampton
Mrs Dorothy Turpin26Southampton
Mr William Ware23Southampton
Mr Ennis Watson19Belfast
Mr Edwin Wheeler24Southampton
Mr John Woodward32Southampton
Miss Henriette Yvois24Southampton

List of Second Class Adults Who Died on the Titanic

Doctors, teachers, shopkeepers – everyday people with dreams and families. Learn the names of some second-class adults who perished in the disaster.

Mr John Ashby57Southampton
Reverend Robert Bateman51Southampton
Mr Solomon Bowenur42Southampton
Mr Thomas Brown60Southampton
Father Thomas Byles42Southampton
Mrs Karolina Byström40Southampton
Father Ernest Carter54Southampton
Mrs Lilian Carter45Southampton
Mr Charles Chapman52Southampton
Mr John Chapman36Southampton
Mr William Douton55Southampton
Mr James Drew42Southampton
Mr Harry Faunthorpe41Southampton
Mr Stanley Fox38Southampton
Mr Anthony Frost38Belfast
Miss Annie Funk38Southampton
Mr Harry Gale38Southampton
Mr William Gilbert47Southampton
Mr Samuel Greenberg52Southampton
Mr William Harbeck44Southampton
Reverend John Harper39Southampton
Mr Walter Harris44Southampton
Mr Benjamin Hart47Southampton
Mr Samuel Herman49Southampton
Mr Samuel Hocking36Southampton
Mr Henry Hodges50Southampton
Mr Stephen Hold44Southampton
Mr Sidney Jacobsohn42Southampton
Mr Denzil Jarvis47Southampton
Father Charles Kirkland52Queenstown
Mr Robert Knight39Belfast
Mr René Lévy36Southampton
Mr Charles Louch50Southampton
Mrs Alice Louch42Southampton
Mrs Mary Mack57Southampton
Mr Albert Mallet45Cherbourg
Mr Frank Maybery36Southampton
Mr Peter McKane46Southampton
Mr Jacob Milling48Southampton
Dr Ernest Moraweck54Southampton
Mr Henry Morley38Southampton
Mr Richard Otter38Southampton
Mr René Pernot39Cherbourg
Father Josef Peruschitz41Southampton
Mr Escott Phillips42Southampton
Mr David Reeves36Southampton
Mr Ernst Sjöstedt59Southampton
Mr Samuel Stanton42Cherbourg
Mr James Veal40Southampton
Mr John Ware45Southampton
Mr Léopold Weisz37Southampton
Mr Edwy West36Southampton

List of Second class older adults who died on the Titanic

Seasoned travelers, parents, grandparents – second-class passengers whose wisdom and love vanished with the ship. Discover their names.

Mr Benjamin Howard63Southampton
Mrs Ellen Howard61Southampton
Mr John Lingane61Queenstown
Mr Henry Mitchell71Southampton
Mr Thomas Myles63Queenstown
Mr Edward Wheadon65Southampton

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Which class died the most on the Titanic?

The class with the highest number of casualties was Third Class. A significant number of third-class passengers lost their lives, primarily due to having less access to lifeboats and being located on lower decks.

What did 2nd class look like on Titanic?

Second Class on the Titanic was quite comfortable, resembling first-class accommodations on other ships. Passengers enjoyed well-decorated cabins, a spacious dining room, and access to amenities like a library and smoking rooms.

Who got off the Titanic before it sailed?

A few passengers disembarked from the Titanic before it set sail for its final journey. These included some journalists who were aboard only for the initial trip from Belfast to Southampton and people like Father Francis Browne, who left after receiving a message preventing his further travel.

Charles Eames

Denis Cummings is a history enthusiast and author, with a passion for uncovering the stories of the past. Through his writing, he seeks to share his love of history with others and provide a unique perspective on the events that have shaped our world.

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