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Titanic First Class Passengers Who Survived The Tragic Night

Written By Denis Cummings
Last updated: April 18, 2024

As a history buff and writer, I’ve always been drawn to the stories that feel like they leaped straight out of the pages of a book, and few tales are as gripping as that of the Titanic. Specifically, the saga of its first-class passengers offers a fascinating lens through which we can explore human nature, society at the time, and survival against all odds.

In this article, we’ll peel back the layers of history to reveal who these individuals were who survived that fateful night in April 1912. If you’re enamoured by tales of luxury juxtaposed with the survival instinct, a list where every detail feels like it’s been plucked from a bygone era, you’re in for a treat.

Did You Know?
Just 61% of First class passengers survived the Titanic sinking, highlighting a stark contrast to the lower classes. This tragedy underlines how social class impacted who got saved.
The total number of First Class Titanic Survivors: 201

List Of The Titanic First Class Passengers Who Survived

Here’s a list of the lucky passengers who survived the tragic sinking of the Titanic, focusing on those who traveled in first class.

List Of The Titanic First Class Passengers Who Survived

First Class Titanic Survivors Aged Less Than 20 years old

List of Titanic First Class Passengers whose age is less than 20 years old:

Master Hudson Trevor Allison11 MonthsSouthampton11
Mrs Madeleine Talmage Astor18Cherbourg4
Mrs Helen Bishop19Cherbourg7
Miss Lucile Polk Carter13Southampton4
Master William Thornton II Carter11Southampton4
Mrs Vera Dick17Southampton3
Master Washington Dodge4Southampton5
Miss Margaret Edith Graham19Southampton3
Miss Jean Gertrude Hippach17Cherbourg4
Miss Mary Conover Lines16Cherbourg9
Miss Georgette Alexandra Madill16Southampton2
Miss Roberta Elizabeth Mary (Maid to the Countess of Rothes) Maioni19Southampton8
Mrs Mary Graham Carmichael Marvin18Southampton10
Miss Helen Monypeny Newsom19Southampton5
Miss Emily Borie Ryerson18Cherbourg4
Master John Borie Ryerson13Cherbourg4
Mrs Mary Eloise Smith18Cherbourg6
Master Robert Douglas Spedden6Cherbourg3
Miss Ruth Taussig18Southampton8
Mr John Borland Jr Thayer17CherbourgB

First Class Titanic Survivors Aged 20-45 years old

List of Titanic First Class Passengers whose age is greater than 20 years old but less than 45 years old:

Miss Elisabeth Walton Allen29Southampton2
Miss Elisabeth Walton Aubart24Cherbourg9
Miss Elisabeth Walton Barber26Southampton6
Miss Elisabeth Walton Bassani32Cherbourg8
Miss Elisabeth Walton Beckwith37Southampton5
Miss Elisabeth Walton Behr26Cherbourg5
Miss Elisabeth Walton Bessette39Cherbourg8
Miss Elisabeth Walton Bird31Southampton8
Miss Elisabeth Walton Bishop25Cherbourg7
Miss Elisabeth Walton Björnström-Steffansson28SouthamptonD
Miss Elisabeth Walton Blank39Cherbourg7
Miss Elisabeth Walton Bonnell30Southampton8
Miss Grace Scott (Maid to Mr & Mrs Arthur Ryerson) Bowen45Cherbourg4
Miss Elsie Edith Bowerman22Southampton6
Mr George Andrew Brereton37Southampton9
Mrs Margaret Brown44Cherbourg6
Miss Elizabeth Margaret (Nanny to Master Robert Douglas Spedden) Burns41Cherbourg3
Mr Edward Pennington Calderhead42Southampton5
Mr Thomas Drake Martinez Cardeza36Cherbourg3
Mrs Lucile Carter36Southampton4
Mr William Ernest Carter36SouthamptonC
Mrs Eleanor Genevieve Cassebeer36Cherbourg5
Mrs Julia Florence Cavendish25Southampton6
Mrs Bertha Chambers32Southampton5
Mr Norman Campbell Chambers27Southampton5
Miss Victorine (Maid to Mrs Emily Ryerson) Chaudanson36Cherbourg4
Miss Gladys Cherry30Southampton8
Mr Paul Romaine Marie Léonce Chevré45Cherbourg7
Mrs Virginia Estelle Clark26Cherbourg4
Miss Alice Catherine (Nanny to Master Hudson Trevor Allison) Cleaver22Southampton11
Miss Sara Rebecca Compton39Cherbourg14
Miss Harriette Rebecca Crosby39Southampton7
Mrs Florence Briggs Cumings35Cherbourg4
Mr Robert Williams Daniel27Southampton3
Miss Sarah Rebecca (Maid to Mr & Mrs Allison) Daniels33Southampton8
Mrs Orian Davidson27Cherbourg3
Mr Albert Adrian Dick31Southampton3
Mrs Ruth Dodge34Southampton5
Mrs Mary Hélène Douglas27Cherbourg6
Mrs Olive Earnshaw23Cherbourg7
Miss Caroline Louise (Nurse to Mrs Madeleine Astor) Endres39Cherbourg4
Miss Margaret (Maid to Mr & Mrs Thayer) Fleming42Cherbourg4
Mr John Irwin Flynn36Southampton5
Miss Ethel Flora Fortune28Southampton10
Miss Alice Elizabeth Fortune24Southampton10
Miss Mabel Helen Fortune23Southampton10
Miss Hedwig Margaritha Frölicher22Cherbourg5
Miss Laura Mabel (Secretary to Lady Duff-Gordon) Francatelli31Cherbourg1
Mr Isaac Gerald Frauenthal43Cherbourg5
Mrs Clara Frauenthal42Southampton5
Mrs Lily May Futrelle35SouthamptonD
Mrs Pauline Caroline Gibson44Cherbourg7
Miss Dorothy Winifred Gibson22Cherbourg7
Miss Amalie (Maid to Mrs George Dunton Widener) Gieger35Southampton4
Mrs Nella Goldenberg40Cherbourg5
Mrs Blanche Greenfield45Cherbourg7
Mr William Bertram Greenfield23Cherbourg7
Mr George Achilles Harder25Cherbourg5
Mrs Dorothy Harder21Cherbourg5
Mrs Irene Harris35SouthamptonD
Mr Hammad (Interpreter to Mr Henry Sleeper Harper) Hassab27Cherbourg3
Mr Walter James Hawksford45Southampton3
Miss Margaret Bechstein Hays24Cherbourg7
Mrs Ida Sophia Hippach44Cherbourg4
Mrs Mary Aline Holverson35Southampton8
Mr Harry Homer40Southampton15
Mr William Fisher Hoyt42Cherbourg14
Mr Frederick Maxfield Hoyt38SouthamptonD
Mrs Jane Anne Hoyt31SouthamptonD
Miss Rose Amélie (Maid to Mrs George Nelson Stone) Icard39Southampton6
Mrs Marion Estelle Kenyon40Southampton8
Mrs Susan Gertrude Kimball45Southampton5
Mr Edwin Nelson Jr. Kimball42Southampton5
Miss Emilie (Maid to Mrs Edward Scott Robert) Kreuchen29Southampton2
Miss Berthe (Maid to Mrs Walter Donald Douglas) Leroy27Cherbourg2
Mr Gustave J. (Manservant to Mr Thomas Cardeza) Lesueur35Cherbourg3
Miss Gretchen Fiske Longley21Cherbourg10
Mr Pierre Maréchal29Cherbourg7
Mlle Berthe Antonine Mayné24Cherbourg6
Mr James Robert McGough35Southampton7
Mrs Leila Meyer25Cherbourg6
Mrs Lillian E. Minahan37Queenstown14
Miss Daisy E. Minahan33Queenstown14
Mr Philipp Edmund Mock30Cherbourg11
Miss Madeleine Newell31Cherbourg6
Miss Marjorie Anne Newell23Cherbourg6
Mr Alfred Nourney20Cherbourg7
Doña Fermina (Maid to Mrs Victor de Satode Peñasco y Castellana) Oliva Y Ocana39Cherbourg8
Mr Alfred Fernand Omont29Cherbourg7
Miss Helen Ragnhild Østby22Southampton5
Mrs Maria Josefa Perezde Soto y Vallejo Peñasco Y Castellana22Cherbourg8
Mrs Edith Pears22Southampton8
Miss Mary Anne (Maid to Mrs Charles Melville Hays) Perreault33Southampton3
Mr George Alexander Lucien Rheims33CherbourgA
Mrs Elisabeth Walton Robert43Southampton2
Mr Charles Hallace Romaine45Southampton9
Miss Edith Louise Rosenbaum33Cherbourg11
Lucy Noël Martha, Countess of Rothes33Southampton8
Miss Susan Parker “Suzette” Ryerson21Cherbourg4
Mlle Emma (Maid to Mme. Léontine Pauline Aubart) Sägesser24Cherbourg9
Mr Abraham Lincoln Salomon43Cherbourg1
Mrs Emma Schabert35Cherbourg11
Miss Auguste (Maid to Mrs William Carter) Serreplan30Southampton4
Mr Frederic Kimber Seward34Southampton7
Miss Elizabeth Weed (Governess to Miss Margaret Edith Graham) Shutes40Southampton3
Mr Spencer Victor Silverthorne35Southampton5
Mrs Alice Gray Silvey39Cherbourg11
Mr William Thompson Sloper28Southampton7
Mr John Pillsbury Snyder24Southampton7
Mrs Nelle Snyder23Southampton7
Mr Frederic Oakley Spedden45Cherbourg3
Mrs Margaretta Corning “Daisy” Spedden39Cherbourg3
Mrs Marie Eugenie Spencer45Cherbourg6
Dr Max Stähelin-Maeglin32Southampton3
Mrs Annie May Stengel44Cherbourg5
Mrs Tillie Taussig39Southampton8
Mrs Marian Longstreth Thayer39Cherbourg4
Miss Gertrude Maybelle Thorne38CherbourgD
Mr Gilbert Milligan Jr Tucker31Cherbourg7
Miss Annie Moore (Maid to Mrs Charlotte Cardeza) Ward35Cherbourg3
Mrs Mary Peebles Wick45Southampton8
Miss Mary Natalie Wick31Southampton8
Miss Constance Willard21Southampton8
Mr Richard Norris II Williams21CherbourgA
Miss Helen Alice (Maid to Mrs Frederic Oakley Spedden) Wilson31Cherbourg3
Mr Hugh Woolner45SouthamptonD
Miss Marie Grice Young36Cherbourg8

First Class Titanic Survivors Aged greater than 45 years old

List of Titanic First Class Passengers whose age is greater than 45 years old:

Mr Harry Anderson47Southampton3
Miss Kornelia Theodosia Andrews62Cherbourg10
Mrs Charlotte Appleton53Southampton2
Mr Algernon Henry Barkworth47SouthamptonB
Mrs Hélène Baxter50Cherbourg6
Mrs Sallie Beckwith46Southampton5
Miss Rosalie (Maid to Mrs John Jacob Astor) Bidois46Cherbourg4
Miss Elizabeth Bonnell61Southampton8
Mrs Caroline Lane Brown59SouthamptonD
Mrs Emma Eliza Bucknell58Cherbourg8
Mrs Helen Churchill Candee52Cherbourg6
Mrs Charlotte Wardle Cardeza58Cherbourg3
Mrs Carrie Constance Chaffee47Southampton4
Mrs Edith Martha Bowerman Chibnall48Southampton6
Mrs Mary Eliza Compton64Cherbourg14
Mrs Malvina Helen Cornell55Southampton2
Mrs Catherine Elizabeth Crosby64Southampton7
Dr Washington Dodge52Southampton13
Mrs Mahala Douglas48Cherbourg2
Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff Gordon49Cherbourg1
Lucy Christiana, Lady Duff Gordon48Cherbourg1
Miss Elizabeth Mussey Eustis54Cherbourg4
Mrs Antoinette Flegenheim48Cherbourg7
Mrs Mary Fortune60Southampton10
Mr Maximilian Josef Frölicher-Stehli60Cherbourg5
Mrs Margaretha Emerentia Frölicher-Stehli48Cherbourg5
Dr Henry William Frauenthal49Southampton5
Mr Samuel L. Goldenberg47Cherbourg5
Colonel Archibald Gracie53SouthamptonB
Mrs Edith Graham59Southampton3
Mrs Myra Raymond Harper49Cherbourg3
Mr Henry Sleeper Harper48Cherbourg3
Mrs Clara Jennings Hays52Southampton3
Mrs Anna Louisa Hogeboom51Cherbourg10
Mr Joseph Bruce Ismay49SouthamptonC
Dr Alice May Leader49Southampton8
Mrs Sigrid Lindström55Cherbourg6
Mrs Elizabeth Lindsey Lines50Cherbourg9
Miss Eugénie Elise (Maid to Mr & Mrs Spencer) Lurette59Cherbourg6
Major Arthur Godfrey Peuchen52Southampton6
Mrs Lily Alexenia Potter56Cherbourg7
Mrs Elizabeth Jane Anne Rothschild54Cherbourg6
Mrs Emily Maria Ryerson48Cherbourg4
Mr Adolphe Saalfeld47Southampton3
Mr Colonel (Oberst) Alfons Simonius-Blumer56Southampton3
Mr Charles Emil Henry Stengel54Cherbourg1
Mrs Martha Stephenson52Cherbourg4
Mrs Martha Evelyn Stone62Southampton6
Mrs Margaret Welles Swift46Southampton8
Mrs Juliet Cummins Taylor49Southampton5
Mr Elmer Zebley Taylor48Southampton5
Mrs Anna Sophia Warren60Cherbourg5
Mrs Ella White55Cherbourg8
Mrs Eleanor Widener50Southampton4

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Did any First class passengers survive the Titanic?

Yes, some First class passengers did survive. Out of the tragedy, we know that a higher percentage of 1st class passengers were saved compared to those in lower classes.

Are any Titanic survivors still alive?

There are no survivors left from the Titanic. The last survivor passed away in 2009.

Were there any 3rd class survivors of the Titanic?

Yes, there were survivors from the 3rd class, but their survival rate was much lower than those of the 1st and 2nd classes due to various reasons including less access to lifeboats.

How many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class passengers survived the Titanic?

We know that approximately 62% of first-class passengers survived while around 41% and 25% of second and third-class passengers managed to survive, respectively.

Charles Eames

Denis Cummings is a history enthusiast and author, with a passion for uncovering the stories of the past. Through his writing, he seeks to share his love of history with others and provide a unique perspective on the events that have shaped our world.

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