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Is Tom Hanks Related To Abraham Lincoln? [Unexpected Connections]

Written By Denis Cummings
Last updated: July 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood intersects with history? One surprising example is the family connection between renowned actor Tom Hanks and former US President Abraham Lincoln.

This blog post’ll unravel the intriguing lineage linking these two iconic figures. Get ready to discover a fascinating Hollywood secret that might change how you view your favorite movies!

Is Tom Hanks Related To Abraham Lincoln?

Yes, Tom Hanks is related to Abraham Lincoln. He is a third cousin of Lincoln, four times removed, through his mother’s side of the family. His mother’s maiden name was Frager, and her ancestors were from Virginia, the same state as Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks. Hanks’s family has traced their lineage back to Lincoln’s mother, and they have confirmed that he is a distant cousin.

Is Tom Hanks Related To Abraham Lincoln? [Unexpected Connections]

Hanks said he knew his connection to Lincoln in school and would often write essays about the president. He even narrated the 2011 TV movie “Killing Lincoln,” which tells the story of Lincoln’s assassination.

Tom Hanks’ Relation to Abraham Lincoln

Tom Hanks, the famous American actor, shares a familial connection with Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. Their family ties extend to being third cousins, four times removed.

common ancestor links their lineage together. This discovery came into the public domain in 2012 when Hanks revealed he is related to Lincoln through his mother, Nancy Hanks. The Forrest Gump star’s genealogy doesn’t stop at presidential kinship; he also has ties with television icon Mister Rogers increasing his list of unexpected connections to various American national treasures.

Other notable celebrity-presidential connections

Let’s dive into other notable celebrity-presidential connections beyond Tom Hanks and Abraham Lincoln:

  • President Barack Obama has a number of famous relatives, including Brad Pitt, his ninth cousin.
  • Hollywood actor George Clooney shares a common ancestor with Abraham Lincoln, making him the former president’s half-first cousin five times removed.
  • Actress Glenn Close also boasts presidential blood; she’s related to John Adams, the second president of the United States.
  • Johnny Depp, famed for portraying Captain Jack Sparrow in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, has links to Queen Elizabeth II, as they are 20th cousins.
  • Comedian Stephen Colbert discovered that he is distant cousins with Democratic politician and Former Vice President Al Gore.

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Ancestry and Family Tree

Tom Hanks and Abraham Lincoln’s familial connection is rooted in their shared ancestry and family tree.

Details of Tom Hanks and Abraham Lincoln’s familial connection

Tom Hanks, the acclaimed Hollywood actor, and beloved cultural icon, shares a historical lineage with Abraham Lincoln, one of the most respected presidents in US history. The connection stems from their common ancestor John Hanks.

Nancy Hanks, mother to President Lincoln happens to be part of this complex family tree that intermingles both history and stardom. Interestingly, tracing back further reveals that Joseph Hanks, great-grandfather of Lincoln figures into this genealogical web too.

This DNA entwining throws light on how seeds sown centuries ago can lead to paths crossing between seemingly disconnected lives like those of a contemporary movie star and a historic statesman.

Importance and significance of their relation

Tom Hanks being distantly related to Abraham Lincoln, holds great importance and significance. It not only showcases the interconnectedness of people throughout history but also highlights the fascinating connections between celebrities and historical figures.

This relation reminds us that individuals who have made a significant impact in different fields can still share a common ancestry. It provides a unique perspective on both Tom Hanks’ family history and the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, adding depth to their stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the idea of Tom Hanks being related to Abraham Lincoln come from?

The idea originated from a mistaken claim made by a genealogist who stated that they discovered a distant connection between the two based on their shared heritage in America’s early colonial period. However, this claim has been widely debunked.

Are there any verified connections between other celebrities and historical figures?

There are some verified connections between celebrities and historical figures based on extensive genealogical research. However, it is important to approach such claims with skepticism and seek reliable sources before accepting them as fact.

Who was Nancy Hanks?

Nancy Hanks was Abraham Lincoln’s mother. The speculation is that she could potentially share a distant family connection with Tom Hanks.


In conclusion, the connection between Tom Hanks and Abraham Lincoln adds an intriguing layer to the actor’s family history. Being third cousins, four times removedHanks’ relation to one of America’s most beloved presidents showcases the interesting ties that can be found within celebrity ancestry.

This fascinating fact serves as a reminder that sometimes truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Charles Eames

Denis Cummings is a history enthusiast and author, with a passion for uncovering the stories of the past. Through his writing, he seeks to share his love of history with others and provide a unique perspective on the events that have shaped our world.

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