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Eros: The Secrets of the Greek God of Love

Written By Monika Soni
Last updated: March 19, 2024

Have you ever wondered where all those tales about cupids and hearts started? Well, we’re diving headfirst into the mystic world of ancient myths to reveal secrets about Eros, the captivating Greek God of Love.

Imagine a time when gods walked among men and held the power to stir emotions at will – that’s where our journey takes us!

Did you know that love has a backstory filled with drama, passion, and twists that could rival any modern-day soap opera? Picture this – an era brimming with grand stories of divine beings ruling over human fates. And in this rich tapestry is woven our star, Eros.

But hold on, we’re not giving away all his secrets just yet! Stick around as we embark on a storytelling adventure like no other.

Who is Eros in Greek Mythology?

When we think about love, there’s one name that often comes to mind from the rich pages of Greek mythology: Eros. Yes, Eros is the Greek god of love.

Who is Eros in Greek Mythology?

His very essence is tied to the deep and sometimes confusing feelings of attraction and passion that can bind or break hearts alike.

Origin of the God of Love

Eros wasn’t just any ordinary god; his roots were said to be as old as time itself. There are different stories about where he came from.

Some ancient tales say he was one of the first gods to come into existence, springing forth from Chaos, which was pretty much like a big empty void before time and order came along.

In other versions, people believed Eros was born to Aphrodite, who was herself a mighty symbol of beauty and love. Some even say Ares, the God of War, was his dad. You could say Eros had quite an interesting family tree!

His birthright gave him a significant role among both gods and humans. He had this power that caused folks to fall deeply in love, or sometimes out of it, just with one shot from his arrow! Imagine that a little arrow could make anyone feel such strong emotions.

Eros’ Role in Myths and Legends

Now let’s dive into what made Eros so special within those mystical stories:

  • Arrows That Touched Hearts: They said he had two kinds: gold-tipped for true love and lead-tipped for indifference.
  • Flying Around Causing Trouble (or Romance): With wings on his back, this guy didn’t just walk into scenes—he soared! And wherever he flew, feelings followed.
  • Mixing It Up with Mortals: He meddled not only with immortal beings like gods but also with humans, sparking relationships or feuds.
  • Partying With The Gods: He often hung around Mount Olympus beside all those other famous deities.

His power was much more than just causing people to like each other. It changed their paths and was a big part of many old stories. He helped decide what would happen to them.

People often remember Eros for his fun side. He must have had a good time making people fall in love everywhere—up in the sky with the gods or down here with us humans. Just think, he could make love start with just one of his special arrows!

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The Primordial Powers of Eros

Eros is more than just a symbol of romance. In the tales from long ago, he held a mighty role in how everything began. Let’s explore the stories that talk about Eros and his ancient power and see how he connects with other gods.

The Primordial Powers of Eros

Eros’ Role in Creation

In old myths, Eros is often seen as one of the first beings to exist. He wasn’t just about love; he was part of creation itself.

Some stories say that when the world had nothing — no Earth, no sky, nothing at all — it was Eros who brought things to life. He mixed chaos with order and made the universe come into being.

His role in making things begin makes him very important. People back then thought of him not only as someone who made hearts flutter but also as someone who had a hand in making stars twinkle and rivers flow.

Connection with Other Deities

Now, let’s talk about how Eros fits with other gods:

  • Aphrodite: Often called his mother or partner, their bond is special because they both deal with love.
  • Other Gods: Some stories say many gods feared Eros’ arrows because they could cause anyone to fall deeply in love or into wild desire.

Eros connected deeply with the universe’s heartbeat; his touch was felt by mortals and immortals alike. His relationship with Aphrodite shows us an early view of family ties among gods — sometimes sweet like nectar but complex as a spider’s web.

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Stories of Eros – The Mischievous Matches

We hear many stories about Eros. He is the God of Love. His stories are full of fun and show love’s power. These tales teach us about love’s strength.

Stories of Eros - The Mischievous Matches

The Tale of Eros and Psyche

There was a princess named Psyche. She was so pretty that people stopped caring for Aphrodite, the beauty goddess. Aphrodite got mad and sent her son, Eros, to make Psyche love an ugly thing. But Eros fell in love with her instead.

He hid her in a palace but told her not to look at him. Tricked by her sisters, Psyche peeked at Eros and woke him up. He left, feeling hurt.

Psyche looked everywhere for him. She worked hard to win back his trust and even went to scary places like the Underworld. In the end, she gets back with Eros because she is brave and their love is strong.

Eros and Apollo’s Rivalry

Eros made lovers happy but also caused trouble for other gods! Once, Apollo laughed at Eros’s bow skills. Eros got upset and used two arrows: one made Apollo fall in love with Daphne; the other made Daphne not want Apollo at all.

This story shows us that even big gods like Apollo could not hide from Love when it strikes – sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s sad!

Eros Underneath The Constellation Pisces

Eros is linked to stars, too – like the constellation Pisces in the sky. There’s a tale that during a huge fight (Gigantomachy), he became a fish with Aphrodite to get away safely.

They swam into stars, becoming Pisces—a group of stars we see at night—telling us about changing shapes to stay safe, which is like what Love does: changes yet stays true.

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Diving Into The Relationship Between Aphrodite And Eros

In the tales of old, the bond between Aphrodite and Eros is a patchwork of many emotions and stories. It’s a relationship that mirrors the very essence of love they both stand for.

Diving Into The Relationship Between Aphrodite And Eros

Now, let’s explore this notable connection using words that are easy for all to grasp.

Affection and Ties Within Olympus

Aphrodite uniquely shines as the Goddess of Love, with her power stirring desires among gods and humans alike. It is said that Eros, often seen as her son in mythological tales, was by her side to spark love’s flame in people’s hearts.

Their dynamic was like no other:

  • Close Connection: Aphrodite bestowed upon Eros the great duty of making folks fall in love by hitting them with his arrows. They worked together hand-in-hand — one deciding who should love whom, while the other turned it into reality.
  • Mother-Son Bond: In many stories, we see their relationship shift according to what needs to be tackled or faced in their divine lives. The way they connect can teach us about both tender family ties and intricate dealings within Olympus.
  • Working Together: Aphrodite and Eros had important jobs. They were like a team that told love where to go. They made sure everyone’s love stories went just right.

Their famous stories show us how love can be really good or cause problems if it’s not used right. Just like with people everywhere, love can change a lot. Together, Aphrodite and Eros show us how strong and important love is.

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Symbols Associated with Eros

Eros, known as the God of Love, has been a figure of fascination for many. Through time, artists have captured Eros’ spirit in their work. They’ve used symbols that echo his influence and power over human emotions.

Symbols Associated with Eros

Symbolism in Artifacts

In many pieces of art, Eros is shown with certain symbols that tell us about his role and power.

  • Bow and Arrows: The most well-known symbol linked with Eros is his bow and arrows. When he shoots someone with these arrows, it causes them to fall deeply in love.
  • Wings: Often, Eros is drawn with wings on his back. These express how quickly and freely love can travel from one person to another.
  • Flame or Torch: Sometimes, you might see him holding a flame or torch. This represents the burning passion that love can ignite within our hearts.

These symbols remind us of what Eros stands for – the deep feelings of love that can change lives in an instant.

Artists from ancient times to today still use these lasting images to tell stories about the power and beauty of love through this mythical figure.

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Shrines Dedicated To Honoring Eros

In ancient times, shrines were special places where people could go to honor and pray to the gods. Eros, the God of Love, had several shrines in different cities.

Shrines Dedicated To Honoring Eros

These shrines were important for people who sought blessings in their love life or wanted to thank Eros for his help. Now, let’s visit these centers of devotion.

Centers Of Devotion Across Ancient Cities

Long ago, in busy cities and quiet towns, there were spaces filled with a deep sense of love – these were the shrines dedicated to Eros.

These places showed just how much people cared about the power of love that this god represented:

  • Athens: In Athens, the heart of ancient Greece, a famous shrine to Eros stood near the north wall of the Acropolis. People walked up to this sacred spot filled with hopes and whispers for lasting romance.
  • Thespiae: Thespiae, known for celebrating Eros differently, held a festival called Erotidia. Here, they built not just one but two statues; one was older and showed respect to Eros as an essential force since early times.
  • Parion: In Parion, by the sea called Hellespont, people loved Eros very much. They had a special place for him where they showed their respect.

In these shrines, people from long ago found peace and help. They looked at the statues of Eros and felt close to him. They visited these places to get closer to the god of love and to seek his blessings for their own love stories.


Who did Eros fall in love with?

Eros fell in love with Psyche, a mortal whose beauty was said to rival that of Aphrodite herself. Their story is one of the most cherished tales of love overcoming obstacles.

Did Zeus fear Eros?

It is not commonly mentioned that Zeus feared Eros in mythological texts, but he surely respected Eros’ power to cause both gods and mortals to fall in love.

Who is Eros’s wife?

Eros’s wife is Psyche. After numerous trials and tribulations, their union was eventually blessed by the other gods, allowing them to be together forever.


In our talk about Eros, the Greek God of Love, we learned a lot. His tales are full of love and mystery. We saw his power to make anyone fall in love.

He is vital to stories where love beats trouble. Symbols that stand for Eros show up in many artworks. People used to worship him at special places in ancient cities.

Charles Eames

Monika Soni is a passionate writer and history enthusiast who joined the FindingDulcinea team in July 2023. With a deep love for both ancient and political history, she brings a unique perspective to her articles, weaving together narratives that captivate and educate her readers. Monika holds a B.Sc. degree from the esteemed Govt. College of Girls, Panchkula. When she's not diving deep into historical research, Monika enjoys exploring local museums and historical sites. Her commitment to bringing history to life makes her a valuable asset to the FindingDulcinea community.

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