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Douglas Healey/AP
Xerox Corporation Headquarters in Norwalk, Conn.

What’s Next for Xerox?

October 17, 2008
by Lindsey Chapman
Mention the word “photocopier,” and the name “Xerox” likely comes to mind. Xerox Corporation has supplied the business world with office products for decades. Since the time its first photocopier entered the market, the company has pursued innovation and endured financial struggles. What will Xerox’s past mean for its future?
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Toys R Us has been a fixture in the world of kids furniture and toys for six decades. Since it was formed, the store has experienced considerable success in the business world. But the passage of time has also posed some difficult changes; can Toys R Us maintain its popularity?
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With its oversized grocery items and well-known consumer savings, Costco has been a fixture in the retail market for years. The store’s business philosophies may be a little unorthodox in the eyes of industry professionals, but the success of its strategy is undeniable.
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From a pioneer in distance running gear to a target in the fight for corporate responsibility, Nike has run the gauntlet and maintained its status as one of the most recognized brands in the world. Where does Nike go from here?
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When it comes to online journalism, Digg is the poster child of Web 2.0. On Digg, the people make the editorial decisions about what floats and what sinks. The site is ad-supported, but remains privately owned and without the trappings of a social network. What’s the next move?
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General Motors is behind the wheel of one of the most environmentally damaging vehicles, as well as one of the most promising for climate change. But it is also in dire financial straits. Can the automotive giant give itself a makeover, and at what cost?
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Shoppers looking for chic, stylish products at affordable prices have long been able to fulfill their desires at Target. Its “design for all” philosophy has given the company mass public appeal that’s been a tough act for competitors to follow.
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Mentioning the name Trader Joe’s excites foodies and the frugal alike. Some communities oppose it, others sign petitions to bring it to their towns. Affectionately known as TJ’s by shoppers, the privately owned company has more than 300 stores and an estimated $6.5 billion in revenue, according to Supermarket News. Most prospective customers aren’t asking what’s next for Trader Joe’s, but where next.