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TV to See: Foreign Soap Operas

October 02, 2008
by Shannon Firth
American viewers looking for an alternative to “Young and the Restless” or “Days of Our Lives” might want to look outside the U.S. Foreign soap operas have helped launch the musical careers of talented artists. Others springboarded new actors to stardom on the big screen. Each show listed here has a following not limited to its native country, and many of the programs can be bought on DVD.
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September 29, 2008
Leaving no one in the U.K. unscathed, “Little Britain” takes aim at a new target—the United States of America.
September 25, 2008
On Sept. 25, Dunder Mifflin’s employees are back as this successful remake enters its fifth season on NBC.
September 08, 2008
Get your tinfoil hat on! “Fringe,” which offers a healthy dose of mad scientists spouting technobabble, conspiracy theory and other “out-there” stuff, premieres on September 9.
September 01, 2008
On September 3, “America’s Next Top Model” begins its 11th season, hoping to feed off the success of the 10th season and its first full-figured winner, Whitney.
June 30, 2008
Once upon a time, “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” were major entertainment staples in every household. Game shows continue to be extremely popular, but they’ve gotten a lot more creative—especially during primetime. Get a glimpse of some of the innovative programming that will be gracing your set on summer evenings.
June 16, 2008
After a hiatus of year and a half, the decidedly-not-for-kids animated series “The Venture Bros.” has returned for a third season on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup. Fans are eagerly tuning in for more adventures of the inept superscientist Dr. Venture, his dimwitted, mystery-loving sons Hank and Dean, their twitchingly violent bodyguard, Brock Sampson, and the pathetic array of supervillains who seek to destroy them.
June 09, 2008
Groove back to the 1970s with CBS’s new summer show, “Swingtown.” In the first episode, Susan and Bruce move to a new neighborhood. Bruce puts his arms around Susan and promises that this move will be a change for the better. Neither of them has any idea how big a change that will be; their new neighbors’ very, very friendly welcome involves booze, drugs and an intimate invitation that Susan and Bruce are surprised to find themselves accepting …
June 02, 2008
You’ve watched season finale after season finale. Now that they’re all over and the summer stretches out before you, you may feel a bit empty inside. But if you learned anything during the writers’ strike, it’s that when the going gets tough, reality TV gets going. Begin your week right by embarking on four nights of “Reality TV To See.”