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    November, 2009

  • New Orleans Educational Travel - November 12, 2009 05:31 PM
    New Orleans teems with intriguing historic sites, unique architecture, an eclectic array of museums and enough personality to keep even the most jaded student enthralled. Plan an educational tour of New Orleans, or get ideas for a field trip to the Crescent City with the sites in this Web guide.
  • July, 2009

  • Saratoga Springs Travel - July 29, 2009 04:00 PM
    Famous for its popular horse racing track and performing arts center, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., also has all of the comforts of a small town. Residents enjoy the laid back pace of bucolic upstate New York while relishing cultural and historic attractions typically found in bustling urban locales. This guide shows you how to enjoy Saratoga Springs travel year-round.
  • Saratoga Horse Racing Travel - July 29, 2009 03:30 PM
    Saratoga is a stimulating yet relaxing destination any time of year, but never more so than during racing season. Every summer, ravenous horse racing fans flood Saratoga Springs, but your visit doesn't have to be overwhelming. Use this guide to learn about Saratoga's racing venues and places to stay, and get insider tips for how to get the most from the city.
  • April, 2009

  • Massachusetts Travel - April 16, 2009 11:03 AM
    Massachusetts is probably most famous for being the landing place of the Mayflower and epicenter of the American Revolution, but it offers plenty as a modern travel destination. Home to beaches, forests, cities and some of the most important historical sites in our country’s history, the state has diverse vacation opportunities for families. This guide points to the best Web sites for planning a Massachusetts getaway.
  • March, 2009

  • Maine Travel - March 13, 2009 10:29 AM
    Maine is known for its beautiful coastline and delicious seafood. Visitors traveling to Maine can enjoy a variety of unique attractions, historic places to stay and tempting eats. Read on to prepare for your next trip with this Maine Travel Web Guide.
  • Pennsylvania Travel - March 13, 2009 09:27 AM
    In contrast to its vibrant and rapidly developing cities, Pennsylvania’s countryside boasts rolling hills and streams, challenging ski slopes, quaint farms and a landscape to suit your every mood. Use the Pennsylvania Travel Web Guide to get better acquainted with the Keystone State.
  • St. Louis Travel - March 04, 2009 09:49 AM
    St. Louis, Mo. features a charming waterfront on the Mississippi River, a monument known as the Gateway Arch and a few surprises—good Italian food, for instance. Use the St. Louis Travel Web Guide to scout out St. Louis activities and attractions, find a place to stay and learn how to get around the city.
  • February, 2009

  • Detroit Travel - February 02, 2009 05:19 PM
    Detroit may be known for its grittiness and ailing economy, but the city takes great pride in its cultural offerings. To partake in the art, music and formidable architecture of Detroit, use the Detroit Travel Web Guide to uncover attractions, transportation and accommodations.
  • January, 2009

  • New Orleans Travel - January 29, 2009 04:17 PM
    The Crescent City draws an interesting mix of travelers, with some seeking spooky tours of old cemeteries, and others just looking for a good Mardi Gras party. But the best part of New Orleans is its mystique. This guide offers a glimpse into New Orleans’ many opportunities for visitors, and has tips for getting around town and finding a place to stay.
  • New Jersey Travel - January 26, 2009 01:58 PM
    New Jersey may be more famous for its shoreline and proximity to New York than its bucolic scenery and woodsy hiking trails, but visitors know better. Nearly 60 percent of New Jersey is either forest or farmland, and the state is laden with opportunities for vacationing families. This guide points to the best Web sites for planning a Garden State getaway.
  • Prague Travel - January 16, 2009 10:39 AM
    Although the Czech Republic has existed in its current form only since 1989, Prague has served as the center of Czech lands for more than a thousand years. As a result, the capital city is a historic gem. Use this Web guide to find sites that introduce you to Prague and all that the city has to offer.
  • Washington, D.C. Inauguration Travel Guide: Activities, Attractions, Public Transportation and More - January 08, 2009 10:12 AM
    This Washington, D.C. Inauguration Travel Guide will help you get around Washington even after the inauguration of Obama. Washington, D.C., is an attractive destination any time of year, whether for springtime cherry blossoms, the incredible selection of museums and monuments, or the unparalleled variety of restaurants, all of which reflect Washington’s eclectic melding of world cultures.
  • October, 2008

  • Oregon Travel - October 28, 2008 10:00 AM
    Oregon truly does have it all: a rugged coastline boasting gorgeous beaches, a high-desert region full of hiking opportunities, majestic mountain peaks for skiing, a fertile valley renowned for its wineries, and a laidback city bursting with world-class restaurants. Overwhelmed? Use this Web guide to find the destinations and attractions on offer, and get help planning your trip. You’ll find tips on how to get there, how to get around and where to put your feet up after a long day of exploring.
  • Vermont Travel - October 27, 2008 11:07 AM
    Vermont is a year-round paradise: revel in the breathtaking fall foliage, ski at world-class resorts in winter and watch spring unfold into glorious summer while hiking, biking and swimming in the state’s picture-postcard beauty. This guide introduces you to Vermont’s finest destinations, and helps you plan your trip. Look for tips on how to get there, how to get around and where to rest your head.
  • Hawaii Travel - October 13, 2008 01:31 PM
    Aloha! Welcome to Hawaii, a state blessed by beautiful beaches, live volcanoes, great surfing and friendly people. Hawaii is primarily a vacation destination, although plenty of people have been known to go for a visit and stay for a lifetime. Before you make the move, explore what Hawaii has to offer, get guidelines for traveling there and find out where to stay using this Web guide.
  • September, 2008

  • Rhode Island Travel - September 25, 2008 01:41 PM
    It may be the smallest state in the union, but Rhode Island is robust when it comes to play and relaxation. “Little Rhody” is a great place to enjoy the mystique of the ocean, the pristine natural environment, and the various activities and events happening in this busy little state. Look for travel tips, activities and accommodations suited to help you experience the many offerings of “The Ocean State.”
  • Connecticut Travel - September 12, 2008 09:54 AM
    Connecticut delights visitors with rolling hills, brilliant fall foliage, hiking, biking and water sports on both oceans and lakes. This Connecticut Web guide presents the many attractions available to visitors of The Nutmeg State, and has resources to help you get around efficiently. You’ll also find tips for choosing and booking accommodations, whether you prefer a luxury hotel, bed and breakfast or campsite.
  • New Hampshire Travel - September 11, 2008 01:33 PM
    New Hampshire is famous for many things: gorgeous beaches, breathtaking rivers, high-class winter sports and delightful maple syrup and apples. The state is also known for its formative role in U.S. history. It was New Hampshire that first declared independence from England, and a New Hampshire resident who became the country’s first acting vice president. This Web guide helps you plan a trip to New Hampshire to experience this pioneering atmosphere firsthand, and find some peace and relaxation along the way.
  • July, 2008

  • Iceland Travel - July 28, 2008 04:34 PM
    Iceland has a certain mystique. Although it’s part of Europe, this island nation of just over 300,000 people has an otherworldly atmosphere, with endless hours of light or darkness, depending on the season. This guide presents Iceland travel-planning tools, including information on Iceland’s best cities and attractions, flight and hotel searches, and tips from international travelers who’ve journeyed there before. Despite its recent economic woes, Iceland remains a can’t-miss destination; where else can you find volcanoes, glaciers and wild horses?
  • Green Travel - July 28, 2008 12:35 PM
    There are easy ways to make your next vacation greener. The Web resources in this guide show you how to travel in a way that benefits you, the community you’ll be visiting and the environment. Learn how to reduce your carbon emissions, find hotels and tour operators with eco-friendly policies, or discover exciting ecotourism trends and destinations. Get in on the green travel phenomenon with help from the Web.
  • Alaska Travel - July 25, 2008 10:36 AM
    Alaska enchants visitors with icy expanses, steaming hot springs, infinite outdoor activities, and magnificent cruises and road trips. This Alaska Web guide presents the myriad attractions on offer for visitors, and has resources to help you get around the country efficiently. You’ll also get tips for finding a place to stay, whether you prefer a luxury hotel or yurt. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.
  • Washington Travel - July 21, 2008 04:59 PM
    If you’re interested in traveling to a state with something for everyone, Washington is the place to go. Not only will you find vineyards and mountains, but coastline and cosmopolitan attractions also offer beauty and entertainment. Not sure where to begin or how to organize your time? This Web guide can get you ready to make the most of the Evergreen State. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.
  • Wyoming Travel - July 21, 2008 12:41 PM
    Wyoming has such a diverse mix of Western heritage, recreational opportunities, scenic vistas and bustling cities that a visitor would be hard-pressed to decide what to do there without a little planning beforehand. This Web guide helps you figure out where to stay in Wyoming, how to get around the state, and most importantly, what adventures to pursue on your journey. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.
  • Idaho Travel - July 21, 2008 12:34 PM
    If you’re looking for a place to “get away from it all,” Idaho may be the perfect fit. It’s known for being one of the most rural states in America. Use this Web guide to plan your Idaho retreat; it shows you some of the state’s best attractions, where to stay in Idaho and how to travel around while you’re there. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.
  • Montana Travel - July 21, 2008 10:37 AM
    When you come to “Big Sky Country” you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore the many attractions that Montana has to offer. Montana is more than just cowboys and cattle ranches. It’s brimming with state parks, scenic vistas, world class skiing and just enough “Old West” flavor to let you enjoy its history. These Web sites can help you sort through the myriad opportunities you’ll encounter on your journey. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.
  • June, 2008

  • Sun Protection - June 13, 2008 10:48 AM
    With blooming flowers and warmer temperatures comes the temptation to bask in the sun. But before getting out the lawn chair and tanning oil, remember that the sun’s UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin, skin cancer and sometimes even eye damage. Increased awareness and changing attitudes about tanning have brought about a slew of safe ways to guard you from UV exposure. Use the Web resources in this guide to learn about sun protection.
  • Luxury Travel - June 04, 2008 10:40 AM
    If you’ve been pining for the finer things in life—the glitzy hotels, beaches of silky sand, first-class flights and dishes to tempt a gourmet’s palate—you’ll find them on the Web. This guide presents ideas and resources to help you plan a high-end getaway. You’ll find luxury accommodation and flights, as well as spas, cruises, yachts and adventure trips for the luxury set. Hang on to your diamonds.
  • U.S. Beach Travel - June 03, 2008 03:40 PM
    When it comes to vacations, beaches are timeless. But with all of the beach choices in the United States, planning the perfect beach getaway can be overwhelming. The Web resources in this guide break down U.S. beaches by region, presenting the best dunes and boardwalks from South Carolina to San Diego. You’ll learn where to find beaches on the East Coast, the Southeast, the West Coast and of course Hawaii, and get the best online tools for finding beach hotels and cheap flights to the beach.
  • Wilderness Survival - June 02, 2008 10:13 AM

    Anyone who spends time outdoors, whether for work or recreation, will find wilderness survival skills useful. Whether you’re planning a day hike on a mountain trail, an extended trek in the woods or wilderness travel in a foreign country, the Wilderness Survival Web Guide links you to sites full of the knowledge you need to safely enjoy the great outdoors.

  • May, 2008

  • California Travel - May 27, 2008 11:02 AM
    It’s hard not to love California. Whether you’re looking to hike and bike in national parks, shop in Los Angeles, surf in SoCal or ride a cable car in San Francisco, there are endless opportunities for fun in California. This guide introduces you to California’s array of attractions through feature articles from online newspapers and magazines, guides created by real travelers, and official tourism resources. You’ll also find California hotels, learn how to get around in California and find cheap flights to your California destination. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.
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