This Day in History: May 18

What Happend On Today In History

Famous Birthday On May 18

  • 1897 Frank Capra

    Italian/American director, producer, screenwriter

  • 1895 Augusto César Sandino

    Nicaraguan rebel leader

  • 1920 Pope John Paul II

    Was head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State

  • 1868 Nicholas II of Russia

    King of Congress Poland and Grand Duke of Finland

  • 1912 Perry Como

    American singer, actor

Deaths On May 18

  • 1909 Isaac Albéniz

    Spanish pianist, composer

  • 2004 Elvin Jones

    American drummer

  • 1799 Pierre Beaumarchais

    French playwright

  • 1955 Mary McLeod Bethune

    American educator, activist

  • 1911 Gustav Mahler

    Austrian composer

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