Associated Press
Michael and Robert Rosenberg (L-R)
in 1953.

Codefendant, Sons Now Say Julius Rosenberg Was a Spy

September 18, 2008 01:47 PM
by Emily Coakley
The sons of a couple who were executed for spying on America now acknowledge their father’s probable guilt.
After a codefendant last week admitted to stealing “nonatomic military and industrial secrets for the Russians,” Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s sons have said they believe their father was a spy, CNN reports.

Morton Sorbell spent nearly 20 years in prison after being convicted of espionage in 1951. He and Julius Rosenberg were accused of passing secrets; the Rosenbergs maintained their innocence until their death.

“I don’t have any reason to doubt Morty,” Michael Meeropol told the New York Times. The Rosenberg’s sons, Michael and Robert, were 10 and 6, respectively, when their parents were executed, and took their adoptive parents’ surnames.

“I had considered that a real possibility for some time, and this tips the balance,” Robert Meeropol told the Times.

Sobell told the newspaper that he thought Ethel knew what was going on, but was only guilty of being “Julius’ wife.”

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