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101 Great Sites for Social Studies Class (77-101)

Lesson Plans

77.) George Mason University’s History Matters features 100 Web-based assignments, examples of course syllabi, advice on how to evaluate Web sites and essays on how to utilize primary sources.

78.) SCORE (Schools of California Online Resources for Education) provides both unit and lesson plans for social studies classes, arranged by topic and grade level.

79.) Teaching History with Technology offers a wealth of resources for incorporating the Internet into the history curriculum, including these innovative projects.


80.) National Geographic’s Xpeditions has hundreds of educator-created lesson plans written by educators that complement the site’s interactive maps and tools.

81.) The University of Oregon’s Mapping History
provides interactive maps explaining events in American, European, Latin American and African history.

82.) The CIA World Factbook gives an overview of every country in the world, with maps, flags and facts on physical and political geography.

83.) TravelPod has a fast-paced geography game that quizzes students on world capitals, location of popular cities, world flags and more.


84.) The Bradshaw Foundation’s Journey of Mankind features a virtual global journey of modern man over the last 160,000 years.

85.) Simon Fraser University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology’s “A Journey to a New Land”
tells the story of the first people to arrive in the Americas.

86.) National Geographic’s Atlas of the Human Journey examines early human’s migration from Africa to all parts of the globe.

Current Events

87.) The Morningside Center’s Teachable Moment offers lesson plans on current events for K-12.

88.) The Newseum provides a look at today’s front page of 827 newspapers in 77 countries, giving students the chance to see how differently news is covered from city to city and country to country.

89.) PBS Frontline’s Teacher Center
is a collection of lesson plans and activities to accompany Frontline documentaries in the classroom

90.) The Guardian’s Interactive Guides give interactive overviews of significant issues occurring in the world today.


91.) The Library of Congress’s Prints & Photographs Online Catalog has dozens of collections of photographs, illustrations, posters and other images. Highlights of the catalog include Ansel Adams’s photos of Japanese-American internees and Matthew Brady’s Civil War photographs.

92.) Google’s Life photo archive is home to photos that were featured in Life magazine and many owned by the magazine that were never published.

93.) Dartmouth professor Hany Farid examines photographs through history that have been doctored, usually for propaganda or to conform to societal norms.


94.) Practical Money Skills offers financial education for kids, adults and teachers. Developed by Visa in partnership with consumer advocates, educators and financial institutions, the site contains articles, advice, financial planning tools and links to financial education material.

95.) Fed101 is an interactive Web site of the Federal Reserve that’s full of information about how the government guides the economy. There are several lessons, activities, games and quizzes for student enrichment and general knowledge. Click on Teacher Resources for an excellent economics search engine.

96.) Council for Economic Education offers 20 American standards for teaching economics, with links to lesson plans and benchmarks for each one.

97.) PBS’ Social Studies section
contains more than 180 resources on economics aimed at high school students, including lesson plans, videos, online activities and more.

98.) The Economics Search Engine
is a custom search engine that only searches 23,000 Web sites recommended by associations of economists.


99.) Teaching High School Psychology is a blog moderated by five high school psychology teachers. Aside from the daily blog posts, it links to a great wealth of resources, including outstanding school Web sites, “must read” books, and other links.

100.) Teaching Social Psychology is an up-to-date collection assembled by a college professor of activities and exercises for teaching social psychology.

101.) The American Psychological Association
offers a whole page of high school teacher resources, including links to lesson plans, “pacing calendars” and local speakers' bureaus.

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