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In The Press

Top Educators Write About SweetSearch and findingDulcinea

“What does FindingDulcinea do right? It organizes. It evaluates. It creates context. It is conscious of design. It gets media.” –
Joyce Valenza, Never Ending Search, School Library Journal

“Google or Bing may find many of the same sites, but…some of the better sites for a particular topic wind up deep in their search results….
impressed with SweetSearch’s focus on credible scholarship and primary source materials.”
Tech journalist Paul Gilster,

“Truly one of my favorite finds!  As an educator always looking for sites to help with research, I almost just uttered Google who!” –
Paula Lenox, Keeping Up

“findingDulcinea is such a treasure trove of fascinating stuff! I want every educator in America to know about it. “-
Renee Hobbs,Ed.D., Professor & Founder, Media Education Lab, Temple University

“Be sure to check out Sweet Search and FindingDulcinea. Two of my favorite and “must use” websites this year!” –
Steve Anderson, Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom

“If you’re concerned about your students stumbling onto sites that aren’t reliable, try having them use Sweet Search.” –
Richard Byrne, Free Technology For Teachers

FindingDulcinea is really all about discovery … I don’t hesitate in the least when I say that I truly like what I see there.”  – Mashable

Within a half-hour, I was ready to type my essay, wondering why I’d wasted a half a day searching with Google & EBSCOhost.
(Sorry Google. I still love you – just not for research anymore.)
 – Amanda, student blogger at FarmGirlWrites

If you are an educator and haven’t visited this site, you absolutely need to! There is a ton of info to help with instruction … no wonder it is called “the librarian of the Internet!” 
– Prof. Karen Ford at Ball State University

“I feel confident to recommend findingDulcinea to my 4th graders, high school students, teachers and parents alike.”   – 
Tech Coordinator & Teacher Librarian Shannon Miller

“Finding Dulcinea… addresses the ‘context deficit’ that occurs with online searching.” –
The Knight Commission “Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action, Portraits of Success.

“Teachers can be confident that all search results are safe and reliable.” -Kim Caise, a highly awarded educator and technology specialist

“You’d think that poring over websites by hand would mean a dearth of useful resources. Not so. …I can easily find information that appeals to someone other than SEO gurus and search bots.”  – Instructify, published by Learn NC

“SweetSearch allows students to choose the most relevant result from a list of credible results, without the distraction of unreliable sites.”    –
Judy O’Connell, Head of Library and Information Services at St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill

findingDulcinea has “clear value as a teaching aid for kids.”   –  Mark Sullivan of PC World

“Finding Dulcinea evens the playing field in an Internet crowded with information, offering you a better way to find results that are reliable, from verified web sites.”    –  Profy, a popular technology blog

“Sometimes we can’t find anything appropriate for Middle Schoolers or newsworthy! So this Sweet Search Today site is going to be a one stop shop, baby! All terrific resources gathered together and organized in a fast loading & clean format.” – Gwyneth Jones, The Daring Librarian

“[N]othing beats setting up a local Virtual Reference Desk with recommended tools and resources, especially at the elementary level, and Dulcinea Media has designed a suite of products to help teachers and librarians build a safe, authoritative reference space.”   –  Meghan Hickman, a teacher in the Toront District School board

Sweetsites will help satisfy the rich appetite necessary for supplying students with engaging resources intent on facilitating 21st Century learning.”    –  Michael Gorman, who oversees a 21st century skills teaching program in Fort Wayne, Indiana

In the Press

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Press Releases

   PR Newswire, “Spanish Speakers Not Served by the Internet,” August 6, 2008.

   PR Newswire, “FindingDulcinea Launches Spanish-Language Version of its Web Guides,” April 30, 2008.

   PR Newswire, “findingDulcinea, Librarian of the Internet, Launches in NYC,” November 27, 2007.

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