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FindingDulcinea selects and annotates credible, high-quality and trustworthy Web sites, saving time for both the novice and experienced user.

Each piece, whether a Web Guide, a Beyond the Headlines news story or a Netcetera feature article, undergoes the same meticulous research. The Web sites included in each piece are connected through original narrative, providing users with information on each site before they visit them.
WEB GUIDES: Our 550-plus Web Guides contain meticulous research and insightful annotations on hundreds of topics, from the very general to the most specific.
Dulcinea’s Insight: This section contains helpful tips we’ve learned in our online research, as well as multimedia and other materials to be used as a supplement to the sites in the Dulcinea's Picks section.

Dulcinea’s Picks: This section contains recommended links to credible, high-quality and trustworthy Web sites.

Our original narrative provides users with information on each site before they even click on it.
BEYOND THE HEADLINES: Each news article in this section provides background and context to news headlines, including historical, academic and local perspectives.
The first section of every news story captures the latest developments on a topic, for instance, a new study, announcement, event or other phenomenon.
  Background: This section covers past events, studies or news stories related to the topic and helps provide a more rounded view for those approaching the topic for the first time.
Opinion & Analysis: This common section of our news articles provides opinions from around the Web, including interviews, blog entries, videos and op-ed pieces.

Related Topics: This section connects to previous stories we or other sites have published, as long as they are relevant to the current story or would be of interest to someone reading the story.

Sources in this Story: This gray box is present in all our feature and news articles; it provides every source in the article in the order in which they are referenced.
Reference Links: additional reading for those who want to go further in depth.
NETCETERA: The feature articles in Netcetera showcase interesting topics, helpful resources and provocative ideas in a magazine-like format.
The following are examples of article types featured in Netcetera.
Happy Birthday: This section is an essential biography of a historical or inspirational figure or person of interest, and is divided into three sections: Early Days, Notable Accomplishments and The Rest of the Story.
Best Sites: Derived largely from our Web Guides, the sources in Best Sites are a handful of essential sites on a particular topic, with each one described in brief.
SWEET SEARCH: Our Google Custom Search engine combs only those sites that have been reviewed and approved by findingDulcinea staff—more than 20,000 of the best Web sites on the Internet
The findingDulcinea search experience offers users three tabbed search options:

This Site: produces search results from only findingDulcinea content

Selected Sites: produces search results from our Google Custom Search engine, SweetSearch, of sites hat have been reviewed and appoved by findingDulcinea staff

Entire Web: produces search results from the entire Web, including those we recommend and those we do not