findingDulcinea History

Mark E. Moran started findingDulcinea in September, 2006, to help Internet users quickly and easily find the best, most credible Web sites. Web search is becoming increasingly difficult for even the savviest of users. Sometimes the site that answers a user’s question is buried on the tenth, not the first, page of search results. Other times, a site that looks like it offers objective information is actually sponsored by a company who wants to direct you to purchase a specific product or service. Mark felt that the best way to cut through the clutter of dubious, useless information was to develop an Internet Librarian: a virtual version of the librarian who helped you find the best books in the library for any topic when you were a kid.

After more than a year of developing the concept and building the backbone of the site, we launched findingDulcinea in October, 2007.  

Curious about our name? Here’s the explanation:

Our CEO and founder, Mark Moran, comes from a very large family. Mark’s father, Eugene, has seven children and 21 grandchildren. His favorite book is Miguel Cervantes’ classic novel, “Don Quixote.” Every time a granddaughter was born in the Moran extended family, Mark’s father begged the parents to name her after Don Quixote’s ideal woman,  Dulcinea. It never happened, but Mark has provided his father with the next best thing: a family business named for Dulcinea.

In Cervantes' classic work of fiction, Don Quixote is an unlikely hero, but someone many of us can relate to. He spends his life on a quest for an imaginary, idealized woman named Dulcinea. His unrelenting search for her gives his life meaning and transforms him into a chivalrous knight.

Internet users are faced with a similar quest as they search for that one best and reliable answer in the vast sea of information that is the Web. Don Quixote never fulfilled his quest; but we believe that by guiding you to the best sites on the Internet for any topic, findingDulcinea can help you fulfill yours.