Long-term Travel Abroad


Long-Term Travel Abroad

The sudden freedom that comes with a high school or college graduation, or even retirement, makes those ideal times to spend an extended time exploring the world. When traveling, the length of your stay and the degree of your cultural integration are variables that can have a profound significance on the way you experience your destination. In this guide we'll direct you to resources geared toward helping you live abroad for a while.

Live Abroad Programs

The Web abounds with resources for working, teaching, and volunteering abroad, and although a slew ... read more »

Work Abroad

For long-term trips abroad, the most flexible option travelers have available is to go on a ... read more »

Teach English Abroad

A popular choice among recent graduates, teaching English abroad affords you an altogether unique ... read more »

Volunteer Abroad

If you're fresh out of school, overflowing with youthful idealism and graduation money, consider ... read more »

Intern Abroad

If you want your experience abroad to enrich your career in addition to your character and world ... read more »

Requirements and Safety Information for Living Abroad

If you're planning to travel abroad you'll need the proper documentation. Different countries have ... read more »

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