Germany Travel

AP Photo/Christof Stache
Neuschwanstein Castle

Germany Travel

Welcome, or Willkommen, to the land of Oktoberfest, the Berlin Wall, and lederhosen (knee-breeches). Although relatively small in size, this European nation boasts the second-largest population on the continent, making it a lively and bustling place to visit. Known to natives as Deutschland, Germany has a plethora of tourist attractions, museums, festivals, art galleries, and architectural sites. This Web guide offers resources to help you plan a German holiday.

Germany Travel Basics

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Travel Requirements for Germany

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Getting to Germany

Due to Germany's land-locked position in Central Europe, most travelers fly or drive to Germany. Of ... read more »

Germany Hotels

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Getting Around in Germany

German public transportation has a great reputation. The subway systems are reliable, the trains ... read more »

Germany Travel Blogs and Forums

The country of Germany is well-traveled by families, tour groups, historians, and students. This, ... read more »

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