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Whatever you deem necessary to an unforgettable French holiday, you can find on the Web. Book your flight and a place to stay, research a world-class restaurant or charming French city, and let the Web make your vacation dreams a reality. France has something to suit nearly any interest, so you can wine and dine, laze on a beach, hike and cycle across the quaint countryside, or shop your way through Paris. The choice is yours.

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France Hotels

As long as you have a good idea of where you'd like to go in France, finding accommodation should be a breeze. If you'll be near the water, try camping. Want wine? A chateau may be your best bet. If you're planning to hit a cluster of cities, consider hostels. Many Web sites offer traveler-written reviews, and visual features such as videos and photos to give you more confidence when you book your stay.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • The findingDulcinea Travel Guide offers plenty of general advice and helpful Web sites for booking your accommodations.
  • You can take your pick of accommodation options in France: classic chateau, modern hotel, budget hostel ... the endless choices demand that you have a good idea of what you want (and what you want to spend) before you begin your search.
  • French hotel rooms are typically much smaller than their American counterparts. Keep this in mind when you are booking-and packing!
  • The French government ranks its hotels and campsites with a star system. Camping is very popular in France, and may be a good way to meet other European travelers. Some four-star campsites are quite luxurious, with pools and furnished tents.
  • As you peruse the sites we've mentioned in other sections, be on the lookout for accommodation tips and deals. For example, Paris Notes maintains this list of one of the contributor's favorite Paris hotels.

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