France Travel Basics


France: La Vie en Rose Online

Whatever you deem necessary to an unforgettable French holiday, you can find on the Web. Book your flight and a place to stay, research a world-class restaurant or charming French city, and let the Web make your vacation dreams a reality. France has something to suit nearly any interest, so you can wine and dine, laze on a beach, hike and cycle across the quaint countryside, or shop your way through Paris. The choice is yours.

France Travel Basics

What they maintain is simple yet coveted: the French insist that life's finer things, whether stately Bordeaux or delicate soufflé, are woven into everyday life. Accordingly, the days feel a bit less like days here. From vibrant Paris to idyllic Provence, France seems to effortlessly waft through hours and seasons. Whether you cross Burgundy on a bicycle or indulge in culinary delicacies at a Loire Valley chateau, you will surely find France intoxicating.

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  • Though there are a plenty of options when traveling to France, the Web provides enough specific information to help you put together the perfect package to suit your interests and budget.
  • France often conjures up images of chic cafés, haute couture, haughty wine sipping, and luxury yachts, but it also caters to adventurous souls and nature-lovers looking for an active getaway. You can experience France however you'd like to, and the Web makes it easy to plan an individualized getaway.
  • For a collection of France travelogues that may provide inspiration when planning your trip, try Travelers Tales France, edited by James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger, and Sean O'Reilly.

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