Internet Safety for Kids

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Internet Safety for Kids

The Web is filled with opportunities to connect with people. Chat rooms, message boards and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook are linking millions of people virtually. The sites in this section will detail the steps you can take to tell if these people are a danger to you or your children, how to keep the bad ones away, and what you can do to keep your computer's Internet connection safe for children.

Internet Safety for Kids Resources

Insights for Internet Safety for Kids

  • Parents should take a look at the child-safety education Web sites their children are looking at in order to discuss what they've learned. Games and quizzes with cartoon mascots may be a good way to introduce children to the threats of the Internet, but an open line of communication about Internet use is the single most important tip these sites emphasize.
  • There are many software options built into your Web browser that allow you to filter the parts of the Internet your child can access, preventing adult content and inappropriate sites from being viewed.
  • One of the most powerful ways to protect your children online is to literally watch what they are doing. Keeping home computers in common areas rather than in your children's bedrooms will make it easier to keep an eye on what they're doing online.

Top Sites for Internet Safety for Kids

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