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Internet Marketing and Privacy

For as long as there have been consumers, marketers have gathered information about consumers in order to better target a marketing pitch.  With the advent of Internet advertising in the 1990s, marketers gained another avenue to track consumer behavior to send targeted marketing offers.   This guide provides an overview of the best Web resources for learning about off-line and online consumer targeting practices. It educates you about the data that marketing companies may be gathering about you, and offers advice on how you may be able to control the data that is gathered about you.

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Third-Party Advertising

Most advertisements on the Web are not served or sold by the sites you see hosting them, but by third-party advertisers. These companies work with Web site publishers to provide the infrastructure technology behind the advertising and often sell advertising on the publisher’s behalf.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many of the major third-party advertisers are members of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). In 2000, the FTC approved the self-regulatory NAI guidelines. The NAI provides a list of its participating companies.
  • At its core, the values of the NAI can be described as “notice and choice.” NAI companies disclose exactly the type of information that they are collecting on you (especially the key difference of whether it is personally or non-personally identifiable information) and then give you the option to opt-out.   
  • An area of online advertising to be wary of is “lead generation” advertising. These ads, consisting of flashing banners promising items such as a “free iPod!” are from non-NAI advertising companies. They often don’t disclose the items you must sign up for to receive the gift in question, and your personal data isn’t secure on these sites. Avoid using them completely.

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