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What Is the Internet?

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Web Site Credibility

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How Search Engines Work

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Choosing a Search Engine

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The Invisible Web

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Web Directories

Web directories are lists of hand-selected sites compiled by Web users and ... read more »

Social Bookmarking Tools

In social bookmarking, a community of users compiles an index by collectively submitting (or bookmarking) their favorite sites, and then tags them (assigns each site a set of keywords) so that they'll turn up when you search. With social bookmarking, you'll learn how popular a Web site is and get only results you know other users find useful or interesting.

Insights for Social Bookmarking Tools

  • A 2006 article on ReadWriteWeb provides a brief history of social bookmarking and compares features of some of the dominant players of the day. EBizMBA lists the "Top 20 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites" as of February 2010.
  • If you're still scratching your head about what social bookmarking is, watch this YouTube video for an explanation. 
  • Social bookmarking sites occasionally have their own terms for similar features or functions. For example, the act of voting/bookmarking a site on Digg is called "digging." Newsvine calls its recent headlines "seeds," contrasted with the standard "bookmarks" of Diigo and Delicious.

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