Blogs: Find a Blog to Read or Create Your Own

Think of the Internet as your personal publishing house. On it you can choose from a million self-published journals and diaries known as blogs, and keep current on all the topics that interest you, as well as create your own blog, adding your voice to the buzz of the blogosphere.

What is a Blog?

Blogs began as simple online diaries, updated regularly with new "posts" appearing at the ... read more »

Evaluating Blog Credibility

Like all Web pages, blogs can range from extremely informative and high quality to mere low-budget ... read more »

Blog Directories and Blog Search Tools

No matter how obscure your interests, there's a good chance that there's a blog to fit your needs. ... read more »

Blog Feeds and News Aggregators

As you start surfing the blogosphere, you're bound to amass a growing collection of favorite blogs ... read more »

Starting a Blog

Blogging was designed to empower every Internet user, so it's natural that you might be wondering ... read more »

Blogging for Money

The more effort you spend on your blog, the more you might be thinking "I ought to get paid ... read more »

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