Computers: Getting Personal With Computers

No matter how ubiquitous computer technology has become, true comfort and ease with computers remains elusive for much of the world. It’s no surprise that there are libraries’ worth of information online on the progenitor of the Web: the personal computer.

How Computers Work

Many of us use computers but rarely stop to think about how computers work. A ... read more »

Choosing a Computer

Computers double their processing power roughly every 18 months. Learn how to keep up with the ... read more »

Buying a Computer Online

There may be a number of benefits to buying a computer online. Many manufacturers ... read more »

Online Computer Support

Even for the experienced techie, keeping a computer in tip-top shape can be a challenge. Luckily, ... read more »

Computer Tutorials

Learning more about your computer and its capabilities through computer tutorials ... read more »

How to Transfer Files to a New Computer

Use the links in this section to learn how to transfer files to a new computer, ... read more »

Computer Recycling and Donating Computers

There are a number of computer recycling and donating options available if you ... read more »

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