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Discussing the latest innovations in technologies has been a staple of the Internet community since the beginning. Consumer gadgetry, the automotive industry, the military, and the space agency are some of the many areas given geeky dissections in the Web's top science-and-technology blogs and magazines, read on for more technology resources on the Web.

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Commentary from technology experts

Across genres, bloggers have a reputation for being first responders when news breaks. Technology bloggers are no different. These techies scour the Web gathering interesting tidbits to feed your technology appetite. On their sites you'll find news, reactions, and hype relating to the ever-evolving worlds of consumer electronics, engineering, and science.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Tech gadgets are a highly blogged-about topic on the Net. Gadget blogs are a prime place to find details about proposed devices, prototypes, and recently released gadgets and gizmos.
  • Most blogs provide links to other blogs and Web sites in a sidebar called a blogroll. These links are a good place to look if you'd like additional sources.
  • Blogs are a good supplement to news, as they often cover the same stories with an added layer of commentary, discussion, and flavor.

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