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Martial Arts

Martial arts originated in East Asia more than 2,000 years ago and have since grown to about 200 individual types practiced by about 100 million people worldwide. The Web will help you learn about the different martial arts so you can choose which one suits you best; it will assist you in finding instruction in the martial art you choose; it will provide you with forums and community Web sites so you can share your zeal with others on martial arts techniques and movies; and it can be a place to buy the equipment and apparel you need.

The History and Philosophy of Martial Arts

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Practicing Martial Arts

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Martial Arts Organizations and Tournaments

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Martial Arts Forums and Blogs

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Buying Martial Arts Equipment, Apparel, and Memorabilia

The fact that there are so many different martial arts from an array of countries and cultures means you need unique equipment and apparel. Judo asks for Judo Gis; Kendo necessitates a Bokken, and Jeet Kun Do might even require boxing gloves. Or perhaps you have always desired that sword from Lord of the Rings. Whether practical or collectible, the Internet can help you uncover the martial arts items of your choice.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • If you’re in a class, be sure to ask your instructor what you need before you buy any equipment or apparel online. The school or instructor may even supply the necessary uniforms and other products for you.
  • Because there aren’t many sites that deal specifically with martial arts memorabilia, popular auction sites like eBay may be a good option to consider.
  • The online versions of your favorite stores often stock a significantly larger selection of goods than their physical counterparts. Since many offer options for free shipping, shopping for sports equipment on the Web can be both time- and cost-efficient.
  • For information on general sporting goods stores that sell equipment and apparel for multiple sports, and for guidelines on buying memorabilia online, look to our findingDulcinea Sports Web Guide.

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Martial Arts Movies

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