Ice-Skating Basics

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Whether you’re an ice-skater or just a big fan of the sport, don’t overlook the Web for loads of ice-skating information. The Ice-Skating Web Guide points you to the best places to find ice-skating how-to videos, ice skates and ice-skating equipment, and professional ice-skating news.

Ice-Skating Basics

If you’re a beginning ice-skater, start off on the right foot with these ice-skating basics. Intermediate skaters can also enhance their ice-skating skills with the help of the Web.

Top Sites for Ice-Skating Basics

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Buying Ice Skates and Equipment

Buying ice skates and equipment is fast and easy with help from the Web. Use the sites below to find the perfect ice skates and ice skating apparel.

Top Sites for Buying Ice Skates and Equipment

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Ice-Skating News

Get the latest ice-skating news, including the results of ice-skating competitions and information on professional and Olympic ice-skaters.

Insights for Ice-Skating News

  • Blogs can be a good source of ice-skating news. Try Axels, Loops, and Spins to read about the sport, competitions and individual ice-skaters.
  • For a complete schedule of upcoming ice-skating competitions that are televised, visit Ice Network for dates, times and network info.

Top Sites for Ice-Skating News

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