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Whether you’re an ice-skater or just a big fan of the sport, don’t overlook the Web for loads of ice-skating information. The Ice-Skating Web Guide points you to the best places to find ice-skating how-to videos, ice skates and ice-skating equipment, and professional ice-skating news.

Ice-Skating Basics

If you’re a beginning ice-skater, start off on the right foot with these ice-skating ... read more »

Buying Ice Skates and Equipment

Buying ice skates and equipment is fast and easy with help from the Web. Use the ... read more »

Ice-Skating News

Get the latest ice-skating news, including the results of ice-skating competitions and information on professional and Olympic ice-skaters.

Insights for Ice-Skating News

  • Blogs can be a good source of ice-skating news. Try Axels, Loops, and Spins to read about the sport, competitions and individual ice-skaters.
  • For a complete schedule of upcoming ice-skating competitions that are televised, visit Ice Network for dates, times and network info.

Top Sites for Ice-Skating News

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