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Auto Racing

Auto racing comes in many forms. In America, stock car racing has become one of the most popular sports (and NASCAR one of the most recognizable brands) in the country. Formula 1 racing takes center stage throughout Europe and is expanding internationally, where icons like Michael Schumacher have captivated crowds. Yet there are many other forms of racing, including touring car, production car, rally car, karting, and more. Whatever kind of racing you're into, all the information you desire can be found online. If you have a need for speed, we will lead you through the Internet's winding road.

The History of Auto Racing

Auto racing traces its roots to the creation of the first petrol-fuelled autos in the late 19th century. The Paris magazine Le Petit Journal initiated the first automobile race in 1894. The sport quickly spread to the United States, where the first race traversed about 54 miles of Illinois and took the winner more than 10 hours to complete. As the sport evolved it differentiated, as some cars were made lighter, packed with superchargers, and made more aerodynamic. Now rally cars, stock cars, production cars, funny cars, and more all race under their own unique rules and specifications. The Internet can help you keep up with the different branches of this sport, all with their own rich histories.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Auto racing has a few different names: automobile racing, autosport, motor racing, and motorsport. The latter two names can also characterize motorcycle racing, so if you want to narrow your search, do not use them.
  • Because of the growing popularity of auto racing in the United States and throughout the world, sites devoted to some aspect of the history of this sport are plentiful. But everyday people who have a passion for the sport create the great majority of these sites, and as a result, there are a lot of issues with legitimacy. So certainly do not be afraid to peruse these potentially rich sources, but pay attention to who the source is.
  • does more than provide you with a large amount of historical auto racing history: it's also a great source of links to other auto racing history sites. Not every site listed on its "Links" page is worth your time, but if you are looking for a wide variety of choices, this is the place to go.
  • The Discovery Channel offers this quick guide to the different kinds of auto racing.

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