Nervous System Basics


The Nervous System

The human nervous system is the control center of the body, monitoring conditions within and outside the body and sending out electrical signals to respond to them. Web sites explaining the system can be found in all levels of complexity, from child-friendly to extremely technical. No matter your level of scientific aptitude, we’ve found Web sites that explain how the brain and body transmit signals back and forth to interpret and respond to stimuli, control motion and regulate bodily functions.

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Nervous System Basics

The nervous system consists of a highly specialized network of cells called neurons that transmit electrochemical signals throughout the body; there are a hundred billion neurons in the brain alone. This section highlights the best places on the Web to learn about the human nervous system, from how the five senses work to technical aspects such as the mechanism by which action potential transmits sensory input to the brain.

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  • Most of these sites contain impressive graphics. If you’re searching the subject purely out of curiosity, visiting various sites to view the illustrations can give you a fascinating introduction to the topic.

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