Buying Neuroscience Books and Brain Resources

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Science of the Brain: How the Mind Works

It may seem like the Internet has an overwhelming number of links but it’s really quite simple compared to the human brain, which has roughly 1,000 trillion connections—about the same as the number of leaves on all the trees in a rainforest. Use the Science of the Brain Web Guide to get a head start.

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The Brain and Neuroscience Basics

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The Structure and Functions of the Brain

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Neuroscience and Brain Research

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Neuroscience and Brain Blogs

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Teaching Neuroscience and the Brain for Kids

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Improving Brain Fitness and Health

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Buying Neuroscience Books and Brain Resources

There are neuroscience books about the brain for laymen, students, scientists and researchers; textbooks and journals; and human interest stories about disorders, behavior and unusual brain and mind phenomena. Use the sites below to get help buying neuroscience books and brain resources, including brain models and even brain-shaped gummy candy.

Insights for Buying Neuroscience Books and Brain Resources

  • You’ll find books filled with brain teasers, books containing first-hand accounts of people living with brain abnormalities, books written for the casual scientist and books targeting physicians or medical students with terminology so complex it will make your brain spin. Before you whip out your credit card, be sure to first determine the book’s target audience.
  • If you’re looking to avoid the boredom of dry, scientific information about the brain, try instead searching for books or DVDs that tell stories. You’ll find a great deal of valuable scientific information embedded in accounts of real medical case studies or personal accounts of brain-related phenomena.
  • Be sure to do some comparative shopping before purchasing items such as brain models. If your objective is to study neural networks, for example, you’ll need to spring for a fairly pricey model. But if you’ll be using the model just for demonstration, there are plenty of excellent replicas available for a fraction of the cost.

Top Sites for Buying Neuroscience Books and Brain Resources

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