Improving Brain Fitness and Health

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Science of the Brain: How the Mind Works

It may seem like the Internet has an overwhelming number of links but it’s really quite simple compared to the human brain, which has roughly 1,000 trillion connections—about the same as the number of leaves on all the trees in a rainforest. Use the Science of the Brain Web Guide to get a head start.

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The Brain and Neuroscience Basics

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The Structure and Functions of the Brain

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Neuroscience and Brain Research

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Neuroscience and Brain Blogs

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Teaching Neuroscience and the Brain for Kids

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Improving Brain Fitness and Health

With life expectancy on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly important to preserve cognitive functioning so that we can remain active, vibrant and mentally sharp in our golden years. Experts now believe that well-directed mental exercise is a must for cognitive enhancement and healthy aging. Use the sites below to find information on improving brain fitness and brain health.

Insights for Improving Brain Fitness and Health

  • Most Web sites contain a glossary of relevant terms, but one word that is of particular significance with respect to brain fitness is “plasticity.” Brain plasticity (also known as neuroplasticity) refers to the brain’s ability to change with learning.
  • Many books have been written about brain plasticity. Two excellent choices are "The Brain That Changes Itself" by Dr. Norman Doidge and "Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain" by Sharon Begley.

Top Sites for Improving Brain Fitness and Health

To learn about brain plasticity…
For brain exercises …
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Buying Neuroscience Books and Brain Resources

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