Neuroscience and Brain Research

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Science of the Brain: How the Mind Works

It may seem like the Internet has an overwhelming number of links but it’s really quite simple compared to the human brain, which has roughly 1,000 trillion connections—about the same as the number of leaves on all the trees in a rainforest. Use the Science of the Brain Web Guide to get a head start.

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The Brain and Neuroscience Basics

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The Structure and Functions of the Brain

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Neuroscience and Brain Research

Although scientists are only beginning to scratch the surface, new technologies are helping to solve some of the mysteries of the brain at an ever-increasing rate. With most major scientific journals maintaining Web sites, the latest neuroscience and brain research is right at your fingertips.

Insights for Neuroscience and Brain Research

  • Most scientific journals present only article abstracts on their Web sites and require the purchase of an often quite expensive subscription for access to the entire text of an article. But bear in mind that there are alternatives. If you’re interested in one article on a specific topic, most journals offer temporary (usually one-day) access to an individual article for a small fee.
  • If you’re interested in staying up to date on the most recent research findings, most sites allow you to sign up for free e-newsletters that provide either abstracts or summaries of the latest journal articles.
  • Brain and neuroscience research is advancing at lightning speed, so if you’re searching a topic by subject or keyword, be sure to check the dates of the articles retrieved. Research findings from even just a few years back may already have been refuted or become obsolete.

Top Sites for Neuroscience and Brain Research

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Neuroscience and Brain Blogs

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Teaching Neuroscience and the Brain for Kids

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Improving Brain Fitness and Health

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Buying Neuroscience Books and Brain Resources

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