The Brain and Neuroscience Basics

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Science of the Brain: How the Mind Works

It may seem like the Internet has an overwhelming number of links but it’s really quite simple compared to the human brain, which has roughly 1,000 trillion connections—about the same as the number of leaves on all the trees in a rainforest. Use the Science of the Brain Web Guide to get a head start.

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The Brain and Neuroscience Basics

The U.S. government declared the 1990s the “Decade of the Brain,” and the amount and quality of information on the Web have only increased since. The following sites are comprehensive, providing information on the brain and neuroscience basics.

Insights for the Brain and Neuroscience Basics

  • Even the most basic sites may contain complex scientific terminology. If you need to find the meaning of a word, first check to see if the site has its own glossary. If not, check the Serendip Glossary of Terms.
  • You can often get a good initial assessment of the site’s content and complexity by checking its source. Sites created by professional societies and universities usually contain fairly advanced scientific information. Sites put out by nonprofit organizations or government institutes usually cater more to the general public. 

Top Sites for the Brain and Neuroscience Basics

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