Islam: Exploring the Muslim Faith

To more than a billion people worldwide, Islam is a way of life, a belief system, and a guide. To many others Islam can seem like an enigma. For both kinds of people, and everybody in between, the Web provides the education, tools, news, and community to connect you to one of the world's largest religions.

The Beliefs and History of Islam

Islam is the religion of Allah, the Muslim name for the Judeo-Christian god, and Muhammad, ... read more »

Practicing Islam

Islam's strictly prescribed practices can sometimes be hard to follow in the busy modern world. ... read more »

Halal Food

Although technically "halal" means simply "permitted," the opposite of ... read more »

Islamic News and Blogs

Islam is all over the blogosphere these days, mentioned in regard to international and cultural ... read more »

Connecting With the Muslim Community

Dating, marriage, even friendships; all are harder and harder to find time for in the modern world. ... read more »

Purchasing Islamic Products

As Islam really defines an entire lifestyle, it requires its Islamic products. There are sites to ... read more »

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