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Catholicism: Delving into the Holy See

Mover of nations, maker of kings, director of souls—the Catholic Church looms large on the world stage, as well as in the religious world. The sheer enormity of the Church's presence, the length of its history and the depth of its theology can intimidate the scholarly and the religious neophyte alike. But this ancient faith has entered the 21st century with gusto, maintaining an impressive presence online to help you research, explore and interact with Catholicism.
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Catholic History

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Find a Catholic Church

They say you can't throw a stone in Rome without hitting a Catholic church. For those of us elsewhere (or less inclined to cast the first stone), there are online tools to help you find a Catholic church.

Insights for Finding a Catholic Church

  • Many "Find a Church" sites are user-generated, meaning a church must enter itself into the database. As a result, not all sites list the same results. If you can't find what you're looking for on one, try your luck on another.
  • The Catholic Church is hierarchical: If you're having trouble finding a local church, contact your local diocese for help.

Top Sites for Finding a Catholic Church

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