The concept of atheism has constantly changed over time: in ancient Rome, pagans called Christians atheists while Christians considered pagans atheists. Some people even refer to Buddhists as atheists. Today, generally speaking, an atheist is someone who does not believe in a god or gods; this has caused tension in a world where most people (publicly, at least) profess a belief in a deity. This guide teaches you what atheism is, what it isn’t, how to become an involved atheist, who some prominent atheist thinkers are and were, and how to find atheist groups. It also provides tips on raising atheist children.

An Overview of Atheism

Although there is no dogma, sacred text, special list of rules, or holiday calendar for atheists, ... read more »

Atheist Organizations and Activism

While most atheists shun the notion of organized religion, many form groups that are both ... read more »

Online Atheist Groups

The Internet is a great tool for forming virtual communities. These groups can be especially useful ... read more »

Famous Atheists

Although there aren’t atheist priests, there are scientists, philosophers, and writers who ... read more »

Raising Atheist Children

Critics of atheism often claim that it doesn’t teach or advocate morality. As there is no ... read more »

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