The US in World War II

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World War II

World War II, fought in parts of Europe, the Middle East, East Asia and Africa between 1939-1945, was the most destructive war in history, claiming the lives of more than 60 million military personnel and civilians.

Overview of World War II

This section features timelines and chronological accounts to give you a straightforward ... read more »

General World War II Resources

This section links to general World War II resources that feature articles, ... read more »

Resources for the Holocaust

Soon after becoming chancellor of Germany in 1933, Adolf Hitler began instituting a series of ... read more »

Resources for the Pacific War

Fighting in the Pacific Theater of World War II began with the Japanese bombing of ... read more »

Atomic Bomb Resources

The United States developed the world’s first atomic bomb between 1942-1945. In August 1945, ... read more »

World War II Document Archives

These archives of World War II primary source documents will aid serious research ... read more »

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