Conflict in Zimbabwe


Conflict in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has struggled for much of its nearly three decades of independence. Under one ruler since 1980, Zimbabwe now faces vast economic and class gaps and an inflation rate that tops 100,000 percent. Only recently has President Robert Mugabe allowed opposition parties to take part in elections, implementing a power-sharing agreement in the dawning days of 2009, though he has shown little sign of loosening his grip on the troubled, poverty-stricken country.

Origins of the Conflict in Zimbabwe

As the absolute head of state for all of Zimbabwe’s independence, much of the blame and ... read more »

The Zimbabwe Conflict Today

Facing advanced age and strong opposition from both inside and out of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has ... read more »

Impact of the Conflict in Zimbabwe

After 28 years under Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe now faces a host of threats to its stability and ... read more »

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