Wind Power


Wind Power

Humans have harnessed the power of wind for thousands of years. It bore sailors in boats across vast oceans, and enabled medieval farmers to mill grain and irrigate crops. With modern technology, wind power is a viable and reliable form of alternative energy. Learn more about wind power in this guide, including how it's created and where it's used.

Wind Power

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  • Wind power has a long and fascinating history. The Guardian offers a timeline of significant events in the history of wind power as a source of electricity, beginning with the creation of the first electricity-producing windmill in Scotland in 1887. The Economist offers a case history on wind power, explaining the origins of the industry and the technology, along with the obstacles wind power faces as a widespread provider of electricity.
  • Wind power frequently makes headlines, as new turbines are built and new technology is developed. The New York Times has a topic page on which the paper hosts its latest stories covering wind power.

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