Solar Power


Solar Power

Burning at about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit on its surface, and 28 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core, the sun is a self-sustaining and reliable producer of immense energy. The idea of capturing this energy and converting it into electricity has led to a long series of scientific innovations since the “photovoltaic effect” was first discovered in the mid 1800s. Learn more about how solar power works with the sites below.

Solar Power

Insights for Solar Power

  • The New York Times has a page dedicated to hosting the paper's latest stories on solar power. Check in to stay current with improvements in technology and adoption.
  • The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) is a nonprofit organization of solar professionals working to promote the use of solar energy. The group's homepage offers a diversity of industry resources, including news, information for “going solar,” job listings and more.

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