Geothermal Energy


Geothermal Energy

Like the more conventional energy resources, alternative energy can also come from underground. Geothermal energy refers to energy generated from heat contained within the Earth. The Web sites in this section discuss geothermal energy in great detail.

Geothermal Energy

Insights for Geothermal Energy

  • Children learning about geothermal energy will benefit from the Energy Information Administration’s EIA Energy Kids site, which hosts a straightforward article about the basics of geothermal energy, accompanied by useful illustrations, diagrams and photographs.
  • Those interested in advanced information about the future of geothermal power in the U.S. should consult the analysis conducted by MIT in 2006. The report “evaluate[s] the technical and economic feasibility of EGS [Enhanced (or engineered) Geothermal Systems] becoming a major supplier of primary energy for U.S. base-load generation capacity by 2050.”

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