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The European Union (EU)

The foundation of the European Union (EU) was created in the aftermath of World War II in response to the economic, social and political devastations that resulted from nationalist divisions within Europe. The EU has evolved over time to include 27 countries, and operates based on the decisions of numerous governing bodies within the organization. This guide introduces the history of the EU and how it was formed, and explores how it currently operates.

History of the EU

Find out how the six original members of the European Coal and Steel Community (Belgium, France, ... read more »

How the EU Functions

Because the European Union has formed over time and is constantly adding new members, its methods ... read more »

EU News

As the European Union expands to include an increasing number of countries, the organization faces ever-changing dynamics and challenges. The following media sources show you the broad range of arguments and perspectives that encompass current European Union debates and news, both from the EU perspective and from external sources, mainstream and independent alike.

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