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International Politics

International Politics

Important political events happen each day around the world. Fortunately, you don't have to travel the globe to learn about international politics; the Internet has the resources you need to stay current. We'll point you to the best sources for news, commentary and blogs about international politics and foreign relations. This International Politics Web Guide also offers help researching nations and intergovernmental organizations.

World News

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Country Facts

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Intergovernmental Organizations

Individual nations aren't the only players in international politics. Intergovernmental ... read more »

Alternative News Sources

Sometimes you want more than just the straight news or a long list of statistics. A great place to enrich your perspective are media sources that offer analysis and commentary. Below you'll find magazines, editorial pages, and popular blogs that cover international politics. 

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Whenever you're reading a piece of commentary or analysis, carefully review the "About Us" section. If you know a bit about the author you can better understand her point of view within a larger context.
  • Most major newspapers have an opinion section rich with commentary on international politics. Be sure to check the editorial sections of your favorite news sources in your search for informed and thought-provoking opinions.
  • One advantage of the Internet is that it can be very interactive. Plunge in: comment on blogs, weigh in on debates, write e-mails to the editor. The Web can be a forum for conversation—a place not only to read the opinions of others but to share your own.

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Issues in International Politics

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