Renting to Tenants


Renting to Tenants

Being a landlord isn't as simple as collecting a rent check every month. It involves familiarizing yourself with landlord tenant law, finding and screening tenants, and trying to avoid (or resolve) landlord tenant disputes. We've found some of the best resources on the Web to help you educate yourself about these issues, and make your landlord work a little easier.

Attracting and Screening Tenants

Without tenants, you wouldn't be a landlord. Use the sites in this section to learn how to make ... read more »

Rental Contracts, Lease Agreements and Other Landlord Forms

Part of having a successful career as a landlord is using correct documentation for your rental ... read more »

Landlord-Tenant Law

Knowing landlord-tenant law is a must for any landlord. The sites in this section provide a general ... read more »

Resolving Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Probably the aspect of any renting situation that landlords and tenants most want to steer clear of ... read more »

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