Finding and Living with Roommates


Apartment Hunting

For some people, renting a home is a financially responsible alternative to the costs and demands of home ownership. For others, it's merely a temporary arrangement during college years or while searching for a home to buy. Regardless of your circumstances, the resources spotlighted in this guide will teach you how to find a great rental and avoid the pitfalls of difficult landlords, quirky roommates, noisy neighbors and other factors that can make renting a tough adjustment.

General Tips About Searching for a Home to Rent

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Apartment Applications, Lease Agreements and Renter’s Insurance

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Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

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Finding and Living with Roommates

For many people, having roommates makes rent more affordable and the apartment less lonely. But what about all the horror stories about awful roommates? There are no guarantees you won't experience at least one bad roommate in your lifetime, but the sites below can help you find and select the one who will (hopefully) be easy to live with.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Many articles about coping with roommates focus specifically on college freshmen living in dorms. While you might not necessarily be living in a dorm (or in college), don't pass up this information. Much of the advice is applicable to any roommate situation.

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Finding and living with roommates …
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Adjusting to Apartment Living

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