Apartment Applications, Lease Agreements and Renter’s Insurance


Apartment Hunting

For some people, renting a home is a financially responsible alternative to the costs and demands of home ownership. For others, it's merely a temporary arrangement during college years or while searching for a home to buy. Regardless of your circumstances, the resources spotlighted in this guide will teach you how to find a great rental and avoid the pitfalls of difficult landlords, quirky roommates, noisy neighbors and other factors that can make renting a tough adjustment.

General Tips About Searching for a Home to Rent

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Apartment Applications, Lease Agreements and Renter’s Insurance

Before you get the keys to your apartment, you'll go through a tenant screening process, sign lease agreements, provide a security deposit and possibly even supply proof that you carry renter's insurance. Use the Web sites in this section to learn the basics about each of these matters.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Your credit history is a crucial piece of information a landlord will use to decide whether to accept you as a tenant. If you're not sure of your credit score, request a credit report from AnnualCreditReport.com. Read the findingDulcinea Credit Web Guide to access more information about credit.
  • Some cities and counties (but not all) have housing boards that can also answer your questions. Search for a housing board where you live at Local.com. Type "housing" in the "What?" box and then your city and state in the "Where?" box.

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