Apartment Hunting in New York


Apartment Hunting in New York

In New York, finding an apartment is certainly more difficult than slaking your craving for fabulous pizza, but the following sites will get your move started on the right foot, whether it’s permanent or just for a semester. Get a full profile of New York neighborhoods, find the best methods and Web sites for apartment hunting and learn how to get your utilities set up once you find a place.

Choosing a New York City Neighborhood

New York City incorporates a multitude of diverse neighborhoods, and finding one that jives with ... read more »

Find an Apartment In New York City

Apartment hunting is always a challenge, and in New York it can be even more difficult. The ... read more »

Apartments for Students and Interns

Many students and interns come to study or work in New York City for a short time and as a result, ... read more »

Setting Up Utilities in New York City

If you’ve just moved to New York, you probably won’t want to spend too much time in ... read more »

Owning a Car in NYC

You can drive your car around New York City; whether you’ll want to is another story.. If you ... read more »

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