Vaccination and Immunization

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Vaccination and Immunization

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reinforces, “Disease prevention is the key to public health,” and vaccination is a reliable, cost-effective way of reducing the risk of contracting a specific disease. Mumps, measles, whooping cough, tetanus and polio: These once prevalent diseases have all been brought under control through the widespread use of vaccination.

What Are Vaccines?

A vaccine is a substance administered to a patient to produce an immune response to a specific ... read more »

Childhood Immunizations

The strategy against preventing disease begins with childhood immunizations. Find ... read more »

Adult Immunization

A person’s need for vaccination doesn’t end after adolescence. Learn why experts say ... read more »

Travel Vaccinations

Travelers heading abroad are often encouraged or required to receive specific vaccinations before ... read more »

Swine Flu Vaccine

In mid-September the FDA approved a swine flu vaccine. Supplies become available ... read more »

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