Multiple Myeloma


Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a relatively rare cancer affecting bone marrow and plasma cells in the blood. According to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, approximately 20,000 people a year develop this condition in the United States. But the somewhat uncommon nature of the disease hasn’t limited what information can be found about the subject online. The resources in this guide explore the causes and treatment options for multiple myeloma, and methods for connecting to other multiple myeloma patients.

What Is Multiple Myeloma?

Use the Web sites recommended in this section to learn how multiple myeloma develops in the body, ... read more »

Treating Multiple Myeloma

Currently, multiple myeloma is incurable. However, physicians are continually working on new ... read more »

Finding Multiple Myeloma Support

Finding support from others who have experience with multiple myeloma and staying up-to-date on ... read more »

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