Treating a Migraine and Preventing Rebound Headaches



Migraines have afflicted humans for centuries, from ancient Egyptians and Julius Caesar, to Elvis Presley and you. If you’re one of the 28 million Americans suffering from migraines, you know the unique agony. Armed with the information from this guide about diagnosis, treatment plans, prevention, medications and behavioral therapies, perhaps you’ll be able to reduce the severity and frequency of your own headaches.

Migraine Information for Adults and Children

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Treating a Migraine and Preventing Rebound Headaches

Though there is little consensus on migraines’ causes, or how best to prevent them, there is a wealth of trusted information to help you treat migraines. Find out how treat your migraine and track the potential for a rebound headache. Learn the importance of keeping a “rescue” medication on hand if your migraine medicine doesn't work to avoid a costly emergency room trip.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Trying to improve or reduce your migraines can feel a bit like being a detective. You might need to sort through lots of information to find the relevant bits that apply to your situation. In the face of anecdotal evidence such as, "Oh, this medication totally worked for me!" or "This painkiller made me feel so much worse. Steer clear," it's hard not to feel overwhelmed and confused. Be patient; it can take time to find that “Eureka!” moment. In addition, medications affect people differently, hence the adage that one man’s pill is another man’s poison.
  • Keep a headache diary to decipher patterns and identify triggers. If this is too arduous (with too many headaches on too many days), think instead of keeping a "clear head” diary, making special note of the days you were headache-free. You'll still be tracking the same information, such as sleep, diet, stress levels, and head pain, but changing to a more positive perspective might seem less dispiriting than an ever-growing list of setbacks. Both types of logs can be kept online or off; for nicely designed examples of online logs, visit Migraine Survival and Imetrix.
  • Although pharmaceutical company Web sites are function primarily as promotional vehicles, you can still glean some worthwhile information from them. Visit the Web site of your brand of medicine for useful information, such as tips and advice on self-care methods.

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